Saturday, 30 January 2016


I bought my ticket to this year's Helsinki Lolita Convention aka Hellocon! I'm super exited, I think that this year we have the biggest group coming, and at least three of us also got tea party tickets and will stay at a hotel. I'm super exited! 

I got the rose ticket which was 100€. Now that sounds super expensive (and it is, that's a second hand or indie dress) but I get to go to the event an hour earlier to browse vendors + I get a goodie bag. The price also includes a tea party ticket. This will be first Hellocon tea party I'll attend, because Baby is this year's quest of honor which means Alice and the pirates, My Favorite Brand, will be there! So if I'm ever going to attend a tea party, it's now. We'll see if it's worth the money or if this will be first and last, but I have high hopes.

If you're in Scandinavia please come, the basic entry ticket is only 35€ ^^ Or if you live farther away but have wanted to visit, now's the time! Anyway, this was just a short rant because I'm damn exited.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 arvio

Today's post is a review of a Finnish makeup online store, so I'm going to write it in Finnish. I will do a proper review of the products themselves later on, but that will take a while: I'm first going to try on one product for a day, the let my face rest for a day or two, and then try the next one. If they're all good to wear,I'll try wearing multiple products at once. So yeah, that takes a while! First impression is good on all but the elf lipstick, more of that in the actual review.

Here is my unboxing video if you're interested, there I talk a bit more in English.

Tilasin meikitä, täytyy sanoa että nettisivut on törkeän hyvät. Kuvat on selkeät, tuotetietoa on reilusti ja sisällys on listattuna jokaiseen tuotteeseen (tosin englanniksi). Helppo navigoida, tein jo melkoisen ostoslistan tulevia kertoja varten, aion siis ehottomasti ostella jatkossakin.

Postikulut oli huimat 2,90€ kirjeenä kotiin, kolahti mukavasti postilaatikosta. Vaihtoehtoina oli nouto postista ja pakettiautomaatti reilu viiden euron hintaan, mutta valitsin tietty kotiin kun halvemmalla sai. Paketti oli tukeva pahvilaatikko, ja kun ravistin sitä kokeeksi, mikään ei liikkunut. Jokainen tavara oli käärittynä erikseen kuplamuoviin eli säilyi komeasti kuljetuksessa. Pahoittelut rakeisesta kuvasta, nappasin sen videosta kun en huomannut valokuvata tätä näkymää...

Tuotteet pakkauksissaan!
Lisäksi mukana bareMineralsin huulipuna minkä ostin KICKSistä.

Muutama oheistarvike. Meikkisieni KICKSistä, sudit ja meikinpoisto ihan vaan Cittarista.
Sijoitan kunnon suteihin jos löydän meikkejä mitä pystyn käyttämään, testivaiheessa nämä kelvannee.

Kuoritut tuotteet. Näistä teen tosiaan kunnon arviot jahka olen niitä kunnolla testaillut, tässä linkkiä kuitenkin jo sivuille.

elf: ripsarin pohjustusjuttu, peitekynä, kajaali, huulipuna (tätä en suosittele)

Tuotteet lähetettiin tilauspäivänä keskiviikkona ja olivat perjantaina miulla eli nopeaa toimintaa. Tykästyin kauppaan ja aion varmasti tilailla sieltä jatkossakin.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Hi. It's been a while since I've talked about random things here, I've pretty much just dumped a link to my new video and moved on ^^' An that's what most you come for! But to me this blog is a more free space, I can post cat photos and silly things here - randomness I won't put on Youtube. So hi, it's been a while. Mostly because my December was suuuper full (retail job yay) and hanging with family and friends. 

But my Christmas was splendid! I had work in the morning, but it's only from 9-12 so I had plenty of time to be with my family. And that's what I did :D I went back home to my parents, and my Grandma and big sister came there too. We ate yummy food, petted my sister's cats, opened presents (of which there were way too many, considering how few of us there were and that we're all "adults") and had a good time with warm and lazy feeling. Just how I like my Xmas.

As for presents, I won't list them here because that would feel weird. But I got useful things, pretty things, requested things, surprises and a glorious anime inside joke gift. And way too much yummy things, they did not help with me trying to fit my old clothes....

Speaking of board games, look at my tower <3 I bought Ubongo and Port Royal to myself a bit before Xmas, and got Splendor and New York 1901 for presents. So if you're ever at my house, you have been warned. Btw the Star Wars game, Ubomgo and Carcassonne are my favourites at the moment.

After the eve I went back to work and made videos in advance to upload (so if I have a busy week I'll have a small backlog to fall to instead of skipping a week) and watched movies. My partner got Mad Max Fury Road, and since we hooked up our big stereos to the tv, oh man. That movie deserves good quality (and loud) audio. Which is why I went to see it twice when it was in theaters ^^'

After finally  getting the extended blu-ray for The battle of five armies (Why? Long story) we had a Middle Earth marathon :D First extended Hobbit, then extended LotR. They are my favourite movies ever, so no regrets after wasting hours upon hours re-watching them. After I'm done with Stephen King's It (I'm at the end BOY is it good) I'll re-read LotR as well as other Tolkien pieces. My order of Shaping of the Middle Earth is still delayed, I hope I'll get it soon... I need it in my collection.

I've got more books too (despite my New year's resolution, whoops, oh well) but I'll talk about those later. 

Nice ranting to you guys, see you again for my Wednesday lolita video. :)

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

DIY: 3in1 head accessory

Hello again ~ This week's video is a tutorial for a hair accessory. I was planning my outfits for Hellocon, and when I kinda decided what to wear, I realized that I didn't have any accessories I wanted to go with it. After searching Lacemarket, indie brands and even ebay, I found nothing and decided to make one :D (Last year I was in a similar spot and made the blue rose bonnet-y thingy. ) My inspiration was my one and only Baby skirt (to honour the guests, I'll wear my one and only AatP dress on the second day). 

I'll be wearing the skirt with a black blouse for sure (some other elements are still open) so I wanted to add black to the head piece as well. 

Top view with all pieces

 Detachable rosette thingy with dangly bits identical to the bow

Tiny bow side. This bow will look cool as a brooch as well. :)

Here's a quick photo + text tutorial (since they have been requested), let me know if this is clear or not ^^' I have a video tutorial as well which is more detailed.

For all three projects you will need:
Felt, lace (I have cotton lace for old school vibe), decoration (I picked a big rose), ribbons of different widths in the colors of your choice (I have black and gray grosgrain ribbon), pearls in different sizes and colors, clips for attaching (alligator etc) and a head band.

For the head band we'll be making today, you'll need:
A head band, ribbon, pearls and lace. You'll want the ribbon to be wider than you band and the lace to be wider than the ribbon. The lace will look nicest if it either has straight sides like mine does, or with symmetrical pattern on both sides. 

You'll want to cut two identical lengths of ribbon a bit shorter than your head band (we'll make a tunnel out of these). Then cut a piece of lace that is a tiny bit longer than the ribbons.

I started by folding the ends of my lace to make it look nice and pretty as well as the same width as my ribbon.

Then I sew the lace on top of my ribbons. It looks really messy because I followed the lace patterns so that the stitching is completely invisible from the top. Here you can also see the width difference between my lace and ribbon.

Add pearls!

Jimmy your band through the tunnel, make a couple of securing stitches to the edge and you're done! This was a really simple project, and again, the video is more detailed.

So yeah :D I also made a Facebook page today! It's quite empty for now, I'll add older tutorials there too once I have the time.

Monday, 4 January 2016

My Lolita Wardrobe

Another year, another wardrobe post! This here I only made a video instead of taking a photo of every item like last year. Why? Because it took days (I need natural light) and was a ton of effort so I'm being lazy this year ^^ A lot of the items are the same as last year anyway. But here are some photos ~

Dresses I frequently use. 
Three are hand-made, three Bodyline.
Indie brands: Infanta, Honey Honey, CEL and two F+F
Brand: Aatp, IW, Meta, JeJ

Skirts! Ones on the right are hand-made, though the top shelf 
has three knee pants (one Bodyline, one handmade, one offbrand)
On the left are indie & offbrand, I only have one brand skirt (Baby)

I love jackets and vests <3 I prefer full sleeved blouses,though half sleeves are OK. Shorter sleeves are only for heat emergencies.
None of these are brand: I like to spend the money on big pieces + my shoulders would have a hard time fitting them. Plus I long sleeves.

Shoes ~ Again, no brand here. These are the ones I wear the most.

Wigs! All are from ebay or taobao. 
I'll invest in GLW and Lockshop this year.

Shorter ones for boystyle.

Accessories! Well, some of them. 
I have cuffs, gloves and other nick-nacks elsewhere. 

Bags I usually wear with lolita

And finally fabrics! 
Chocolate will be a simple JSK with pleats.
Beige one will probably be an A-line skirt from four vertical panels.
Star one will he a lined half-shirred skirt.
Rose one will be a pleated skirt with a ruffle butt (can't remember the correct name ^^')

All will be tutorials once I get around to doing them :)