Sunday, 21 February 2016

Because why not

I haven't shown my non-lolita shoppings in a while. Mostly because I try to avoid buying things I don't need to save money for other things (books, games, lolita and recently, make-up). Yet here we are talking about things I've bought! In my defense, these are all either second hand or from a sale so they weren't that expensive. And yes, that's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it.

Leather! Fake, obviously, but cool non the less. I can't fit into my leather pants anymore, so I bought the shorts to comfort me in this time of sorrow (I really loved those pants). Plus these are nice and decent length, almost to me knees :) The pencil skirt I ADORE and it fits! Ah yes. The ruffles make it very flatteringly slimming even though it is quite body hugging. It's mid-thigh so a bit short for my taste, but I'll wear cool tights under it. My favourite of the bunch.

... Apparently I'm not over my punk emo kid phase yet, at least not completely. The death kitty shirt just spoke to me <3 I find myself leaning toward more mature rock pieces nowdays but every once in a while I want to dress like this again. The red and black turtle neck sweater is nice and thin, perfect for layering (which is my way to go year round). As an example, I put it under the t-shirt (not that I'm too lazy to take multiple photos, no, I did this to demonstrate. Yeah, let's go with that). As for the tee, the only print shirts I allow myself to buy are band shirts. Why? Because I have way too f*n many of them. And since Ilike baddy tees, they pretty much all fit so I don't need more. Except for band ones (like my bad-ass Battle Beast one I got a while ago).

Ahem. Did I say "mature rock"? 'Cause these are really, really rock and mature. So yeah. Minions one has been my house shirt for a while (proof? It's swimming in cat hair) though I do wear it outside, like I do with my blouse with cat faces :D The pusheen cat was a must have even though I dislike the cut, but I can put some other shirt under it. My sister called Pusheen "Facebook cat" haha. I'm not in fb but apparently pusheen is :D

I got another make-p minihaul from, I'll talk about it soon once I've kinda tested the products out.

PS I went to see Dead Pool and my it was good! Like, really good, I liked the humor way too much. Plus it's a lot bloodier than other super hero movies (and has plenty of boobs but hey I'm not complaining) so it was also refreshing. I won't say more to avoid spoilers, but if you like the trailer, please o go see it. It was awesome. :)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Yes, noes and favourites on items

In this week's video I talk about different items and brands. I have longer answer in my video, but here are the short ones. :)

46. Parasols: Vital or frivolous?
To me, frivolous since I consider them a bit too costume-y to wear if I'm not in a meet.

28. Bloomers or no bloomers?
No bloomers. I wear longer skirts and dresses so modesty is not an issue, and during winter I wear other warm things.

6. My favorite Lolita brand
Print wise, Alice and the Pirates. Cut / length wise, Innocent World.
(If I could only combine the two...)

49. My favorite Lolita print
Every brand (indie, taobao, "real brand") has some prints that I love, here are just a couple examples. Note that most of them have a cut / design I do not like / would not wear, we're talking just about print here.

Let's start with Angelic Pretty! Yes, I'm a mostly gothic lolita but they have some awesome prints in certain colorways. 

And lastly, my dream dress: IW Gargoyle dress in grey and the long cut. This would be easy to coord either gothic or classic and I really love the print, cut and color (cut is similar to Blanche which I own in black long)

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's Meet

Hello ~ We had a lovely meet for Valentine's day! Why a meet? Because here ystävänpäivä literally means friend's day, so it's all about appreciating your friends, not about love and relationship like it's elsewhere. So  we gathered to eat good food and talk shit all nice and casual :D 

All of us brought food with us. I made heart shaped cupcakes with heart pokey-thingies (wow I'm too tired to use real words) for the occasion. The berries are boysenberries, the cupcakes are vegan (because one of us is vegan and I thought it's polite to bring vegan stuff) and the soy yoghourt was pomegranate flavoured so they were nice and fruity. Also chocolate cookies because chocolate is delicious. Dairy free because I want to eat them too.

And salmon pie, fish is food of the old Gods. Btw it took a long while of experimenting to find a good filling for a savory pie without cheese, but I've finally mastered one and keep making different flavors. Smoked salmon is best thus far, though veggie one and a bacon one are yummy too.

I wore my cat dress and since it was a more relaxed meet, I didn't cover my short and purple hair with a wig like I usually would. For some reason I look really smug here :'D Behold snacks, dipping veggies.

There were four of us (Maiju is behind the camera) because life happens and I think that we've never had a meet where everyone who wanted to come could. Maybe someday we'll have a meet with our whole yet small comm attending, that would be awesome <3

I've recently been baking a lot again, and it is NOT helping my goal to fit my Baby skirt to Hellocon. It was fine when I bought it, but now I need to lose 7cm from my waist before June to be able to wear it. Or alternatively mod the skirt. It seems more likely, but I will wear it to the tea party one way or the other :D

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

DIY: 3in1 hair accessory, part two

You have seen the head band, so here is the rose :D

have a proper video tutorial on my channel, this is a complementary text + photo version since those have been requested :) This rose is big so it looks absolutely ridiculous with my real hair (since it's short, thin and purple) but with thick wigs it looks good. Still big, but this is more for OTT coords. The small bow will be for casual wear ~

For all three projects you will need:
Felt, lace (I have cotton lace for old school vibe), decoration (I picked a big rose), ribbons of different widths in the colors of your choice (I have black and gray grosgrain ribbon), pearls in different sizes and colors, clips for attaching (alligator etc) and a head band.

For the rosette thingy (aren't I professional) you will need:
Felt, marking pen, ribbons in preferred colors and widths, lace, pearls and a big decoration of you choice as well as a clip (alligator etc)
Of the photo, I didn't end up using white pearls and gray ribbon.

Cut the felt to fit the bottom f your decoration.
Mine looks a bit weird, because the rose had a clip that was REALLY glued on, I tried taking it off but man it did not move. I was afraid of breaking the rose so I made a hole for the clip ^^' This way I don't have to put a clip to the bottom either, so it worked out I guess.

Take you lace and start sewing it to the felt base. You want to make tiny folds as you go so that it opens up nicely.

Finished lace.

It's hard to see, but I also sew the small lace to the bottom so that this mini lace sits against my hair. This way I added a bit of volume to it so it looks better when worn. You can skip this part if you want to.

Attaching dangly bits! I cut my wide and narrow grosgrain ribbon and put some black pearls on a thread. I sewed them together to be ready to be attached to the big thing. PS remember to use a ligher to slightly melt your ribbon ends so they won't fray.

Aaand attach it! Here you can see how I ran out of my wide lace and used a bit of the head band lace ^^' (shh no-one will notice when it's worn and the dangly bits are on top of it so it's fine. Only the internet will know)

Hot glue time! It was impossible to take good photos but you just want to put hot glue around the felt base and plop your decoration on. I had to wiggle it a bit to get my clips through but after that, you would glue / sew the clip on. Also here you can see the small lace a bit.

Finished ~ 
I already have a tutorial for the head band part, and the mini bow tutorial will come soon.
I hope you liked it, and again the video will be more detailed ^^

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Oliver's a big boy now

Long time now cat photos :D Let's fix that! Oliver was born in the summer and he's all grown now, my baby is all grown up ;____; Here are some baby photos, most are phone quality (worst one's are from my phone, better ones are from friends) because I somehow didn't take proper ones with my camera when he was small. Why?? Well, at least I have these <3

*he's so tiny*

Aand welcome to the present :D 
Mad Max on the tv while I painted my nails.
Oliver loves to sit and sleep on top on people. <3

Here's a short video. He was sitting on my lap when we watched LotR, and when I moved, he woke up and took a bath. So yeah. Quality content.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Raven and the writing desk

Warning: Photo heavy post! :D I this dress it from My Lolita Dress, it's Magic Tea Party's Raven and the Writing Desk in beige colourway. I ordered it with some of the Christmas money I got as a present to myself from myself (?) and it came in three weeks since I chose airmail (more about that in a bit). And I love it!

Here's a video.

Tadaa ~
I fell in love with the color as well as the cut AND as well as the print <3 The bodice is a cut I don't have I thought might look good on my. And it does! I heavily dislike high waited dresses where the "waist" is under my boobs. Waist seam should be at the waist, you know?

The lace is nice cotton lace and ribbons are grosgrain.
The ribbons are a bit different shade of brown than the brown fabric, but I actually like that. MAkes finding matching brown accessories easier when you have more browns to choose from ^^'
(Though I might take the bows off regardless because I like simpler things)

I like the almost-sailor collar and the cut. Also the small print on the base fabric is really nice, it's not just beige. 
The loops for the lacing are really sturdy, made from the beige fabric and securely sewn between the fabric. That's good because the dress doesn't have shirring, so if you need to take the dress in, these loops can take it. Lace loops that brand dresses sometimes have looks pretty, but can break and stretch easily so it's only for decoration. These loops are heavy duty.

Invisible zipper which is a bitch to pull up (even with the dress empty) because there is SO MUCH fabric at the waist seam. Seriously. I don't mind a visible zipper if it means that I can actually zip the damn thing easily and not having to carefully jimmy it and being afraid the dainty thing will break. Brand does this too. Agh. Stop.

The dress is fully lined with a cotton fabric. That + the thick fabric of the dress makes this a nice and warm dress. I like thicker dress fabrics to begin with so this is really nice ^^ Schiffon-like material is perfect for blouses, but I like heavy dresses and skirts for some reason.

Bottom ruffle. The small flowery lace is ok cotton lace, nothing special but it's not bad either. The ruffle is nice and full.

Philosophical questions. 

Ink well and a pen.
Does that really say MPT? As in Magic Party Tea?
Or is it something else?
I'm confused here...

Writing desk!

And the raven. Print name checks out.

Tiny cup ^^

Detachable things I will not put on, I like simpler things.
These will be nice to make matching accessories from though.

I got this brooch thingy for free even though the page says "Chest+headdress +12,99" but it's a bit wonky, so maybe they couldn't sell it so they gave it for free? I don't know, but if I don't end up wearing it, I can re-use the clip, ribbons and the badass crow. So thank you :D

I fell more in love with the silhuette and color and feel  of the dress rather than the print itself, which is really rare for me. Usually the print is the big selling point, and I'm willing to overlook the cut for the sake of the print (like my AatP Teufel von Hameln which is pretty high waisted). This time I love the overall dress and cut, and the print is "quite pretty". It's a new feeling to me, but I absolutely love this dress and I think I will wear it a lot. <3