Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Alternative lookbook

I've gotten comments on Youtube about my what I look like / wear outside of lolita, so I made a video :) If you've read my blog for a long time, you've seen some of these pieces before. I stopped taking outfit photos of not-lolita a while ago, because it felt a bit silly since I don't really wear anything special. But hey, ask and you shall receive :P 

Theme is casual alternative for spring and fall (hence the jackets). I didn't take proper photos because it's a bitch taking detail photos when my camera doesn't have a flip screen so I can't see anything + it doesn't have auto-focus or remote. So here are four of the six looks (because I forgot to photo two, whoops) and rest are in the video ^^

It's been a while since I've shown nail art here, I had to cut my babies after the move since two of them (unsurprisingly) broke so they're short, but I had time to add small shit to them. Yay.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Quick update

Hi. I realized I haven't written here or linked my past two videos, I'm sorry! I've beem busy with the new house + I turned 24 this Monday :D So lots of baking and celebratory stuff has happened, so my normal video / post schedule has been kinda swept away. Anyway, here are link to my past videos: 

Lolita meetups , you can watch the video if you want, I'll write a proper text version some day when I have the time (I'm off to work in a a bit so no time now). It's how to organize a meet and then etiquette when you attend a meet. Woo ~ such an interesting video if you've been to lots of meets, but for newcomers to this fashion I hope it's helpful ^^

A bow tutorial for the 3in1 hair accessory. Again, text + photo tutorial are coming some day.

As for today, I just made a quick video about now having time to make a proper one and ask for any questions for a future Q&A video, since I'm almost at 3K subs. So yeah. Nothing big. 

House is amazing, cat is cute, work is good, life goes on. I'll write something proper once I have the time. Until then!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

We're moving!

Short post because I want to go to sleep now. Yay we're moving, damn books are heavy, luckily we have the whole March to move (because we have to pay rent to both places fuck) so I don't have internet time and videos may be delayed. I have two ready for you but after those I'll try to get things ready enough to film :)