Wednesday, 27 April 2016

DIY lace accessory

Help me come up with a sane name for this thing. Rosette? I don't know, it's a thingy for now :D

So yeah this week's video is about making this accessory, you can either attach an alligator clip to it and make it a hair accessory or you can pin it to your dress, bag or beret, or anything else really. These are very simple and versatile, and even though it's not a stand out piece, I think it's nice to have ^^ Here's a text and photo tutorial since they have been requested, I hope you can catch the key points of the tutorial, I know I'm not very good at these yet :'D

You will need:
- Twi different widths of your ribbon of choice. I have cotton lace but you can use any lace or grosgrain or satin ribbon. 
- Decorations. I have pearl beads but you can use pretty much anything really, a small fake flower would look really pretty too.
- Clip(s?) of your choice
- Needle, thread, scissors

Cut three (same length) strips of the wider lace. Fold the edges to the middle and sew them securely on to the middle.

Turn them into bows :) Make sure to really secure them with lots of tiny stitches and wrap the thread around the middle few times too. Bows are really easy to make but hard to describe, but I show it in the video if you're new to making bows. ^^

Time to unite. First sew two bows together from the middle, then add the third one in there too.

Wrap the narrower lace twice around the center to make it look pretty. Sew the lace on firmly. Then take the top bow and sew the edges to the middle, this way it stays more open and makes the accessory more round. Repeat to the bottom bow as well. Again, shown better in the video.

Lay out your decorations and decide where to put what...

And sew them on! I went with pearls and made two long ribbons out if the narrower lace. I just secured it to the back of the accessory. All you need now is to secure it with the clip of your choice and you're good to go! Again, really simple and fast. The hand sewing can be a bit tiresome but it'll look nice in the end, I promise.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


Some updates again. We're at home here in the new place, though it's not complete yet. Some furniture are missing (glass cabinet for kitchen, shelf for bedroom, some curtains etc) and limited budget + weird taste do not help. Oh well, no hurry. Maybe I'll do a house tour once it's done, but a room tour is certain. 

"New chair for me?"

"Easter cards for me?"

"Star Wars puzzle for me?"

We've been walking a lot mote now that we have nature right at out doorstep, I fucking hated walking next to cars and drunk people (no offence to my city-dwelling friends but it's not for me) so we had to frive to hiking areas to walk, which sounds stupid. But here we just walk out and tada~ nature. Yeah. This is good.

Expensive though. The place is twice the size but luckily not twice expensive but still costs more than the old place. Plus I have to drive to work so that takes a lot more gas money (there's no way I can come reasonably by bus, downside to living in the woods). So less money for lolita and other silly things, but we'll see how little (if any) once the house is done and we see how the budget works and so on. 

I haven't really done anything exiting lately except I went to see Japanomania with my boss (best. job. EVER) and friend, and it was really beautiful. It shows how Western art took influence from Japan, and I would share more photos, but there was only one room where you were allowed to fotograph ^^' 

Here you could try on yukatas!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I made a short Q&A video because I've reached 3K subs on my Youtube channel :D You asked the questions, and I answered them. Enjoy!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Close-up: Bodyline skull print

I made a detail video of Bosyline's gothic skull print L582, because it's one of the dresses I wear the most. 

I just love the print, it's comfy as fuck because the whole bask is shirred (and there's a zipper), and I can wear it where ever because if I stain it, I'll just buy a new one. 

So yeah. I love this dress. More details in the video

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hardest part of starting lolita

When I was collecting questions for my Q&A, I was asked: What do you think is the hardest part of becoming a lolita? For me, it was pretty easy when I decided to actually do it. However I listed some reasons in my video, both financial and psychological. I rant a bit in the video, but here are some notes about the subject. I decided to dedicate a video for the question in stead of just answering it in the Q&A with a couple of sentences. ^^'

RESPECT the rules for appearance / clothes for your school or job.

- Lolita is not cheap.
- Try to save money from gifts or work
- Save money by sewing items
- Save money by modifying items
- Go for indie brand or second hand items

It's hard to predict how your friends will react
- Try to introduce the fashion and talk about it before wearing it
- If it's a big style change, go easy in the beginning to make the transition smoother 
- Though your friends may be different around you when you wear lolita, remember that good friends don't care about what you look <3