Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why haven't I been wearing lolita more often?

Remember when I said I'd update my blog more often? Fun times. 
As for this week's video, I'm continuing with the Lolita 52 Challenge, question 8:

Why don't I wear lolita more often? 

There are times when I wear lolita multiple times a week, and then there are times when I don't wear it for three or four weeks at all. Usually the reasons for the lack of frills are the same, no matter what the time of year is. And those are:
- I'm working too much, and it's a hassle to wear lolita on a work day unless it's a special day
- I haven't been able to go to meetups (usually because of work)
- I haven't bought anything new recently (it's always fun to wear and coord new items, I can wear it on workdays for the novelty feeling)
- I've been inspired to do different things.

As for now, I've been in love with our winter! It's nicely frosty so that the snow stays, but it's now super cold; and because it's cold, we have lots of snow! I had to get my long winter boots out because the snow was getting into my ankle high boots :D Lots of Finns suffer from depression during fall and winter, but it's my favourite time of the year, so I'm spending time outside, marveling at the frosty landscape. Winter also means that Christmas is coming, so I've been making cards, crafts and presents. I work in retail so there's no way in hell I'm going shopping in December (I get enough of stressed angry people at work, thank you very much) so I have everything ready for Eve by the first of December. ... Which means less time for lolita.

I've started working on four tutorials (one of which is a skirt from scratch) but I haven't finished them yet... I also have a vest + skirt unboxing coming as soon as they arrive, so you'll have at least those videos to look forward to ~ I'll be taking December off from making videos (like I did last year), so some of them will have to wait till January, but I'll post videos on Wednesdays for November. ^^