Wednesday, 14 December 2016

LolitaWardrobe haul, Infanta and Neverland / Soufflesong

Remember a while back when I had a sponsored video with LolitaWardrobe? I mentioned how I wanted a vest from Infanta that they carry, and how I planned to purchase it from them. Well, I did! ^^ So this post is NOT sponsored, I payed everything with my own money, but wanted to give them a proper review since they are a trustworthy Taobao reseller. Here's the unboxing and review video if you want too see it, photos below!

So, the item which made me make the order: Infanta vest.

I really want more print vests for ouji, but brand vests tend to be too small :( So I buy indie brand for now! Lots of them offer custom sizing as well, but this was perfect in size XL.

The details and print are really pretty, and the fabric is nice and sturdy. The sizing is spot on, and you can adjust the fit with the back lacing. Absolutely recommend. 

The other item I spotted on the front page, and since it's a steampunk cat skirt, I had to have it...

I made myself promise that I wouldn't buy same themed / looking pieces. So even though I love every stained glass print I see, I already have one and thus don't need a second one. However cats seem to be my weakness... I already had two cat prints, a gothic one from Honey Honey and a classic one from Cherise Cherie. But they are really different dresses, and since this is a skirt (I had to leave the dresses out because like I said, I have two) with a steampunk vibe and a totally different colorway, I gave myself permission to buy it and I love it <3 

It's really versatile because you can have the cute sailor-type collar with cat ears, or you can take it out and have the steampunk-y straps / suspenders, or you can leave them out for more classic lolita.

The print and fabric are gorgeous <3

The skirt has partial back shirring so it fits like a glove. I think I'll use it mostly without straps or collar, but they're nice to have to spice up a coord!

Like before, the customer service from LolitaWardrobe was really quick, friendly and all questions were answered. ^^ I really do recommend them if you're wanting to get new items.

That was it for this year, I'll be back with more posts in January~ 


  1. Ihan mieletön tuo hame! Toki printti ja sit noi olkaimet ja kaulusjuttu.

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