Saturday, 28 February 2015


Hello! Yesterday we had a meetup for a lolita who came down here from Lapland (for other things as well, of course) and we took her to Turku castle. There was an exhibit of props from the movie Girl King (and some of her authentic stuff as well that were lent from Sweden) and it was really pretty <3

After the castle our group of four split up and I took Shadow to eat Chinese food. Then we re-grouped and went to my place, and I had a ton of food and baked goods ready ~

And somehow I forgot to take any other photos D: Our guest of honor had to catch a train so the schedule was a bit more rushed that our meetups normally are, so somehow I forgot... Oh well :/ I know this was a hasty "Yay we did things" post but since I don't have photos, I don't feel like writing a wall of text here to describe all we did. We had fun and that's the most important thing ^^ 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wardrobe post! (photos and video)

The time has come! My wardrobe post and video for early 2015 are done ~ I started taking photos and small bits of video in early January so this took over a month to do... It was a lot more work than I thought, putting the dresses on the mannequin and taking them off again, and that's why they all have the same petticoat even though some need A-line or a fuller one due to heavy fabric. I'm gonna go ahead and say I was too lazy to adjust it for every skirt :D Blouses are on hangers because all the buttons would have killed me. Anyway, here they are, in a long and photo heavy post  so you have been warned!

Let's start with dresses, because these are what most people are interested in. I love longer dresses (~100cm) so with most brand I'll have to make a compromise for print over length and / or use underskirts and / or alter them. Going from brand to indie to hand made.

A tight space...

 Alice and the Pirates Teufel von Hameln (altered)
Really love the greens and beige and gold.

Juliette et Justine Cartes du Lapin
Black, blue AND diamonds? Oh yes <3

Metamorphose Temps de Fille Swan Lake Princess Sleeve OP
My attempt at classic and brown. The shirring allows my shoulders, yay ~

 CEL St. Augustine's Abbey
Gothic dream print, I seldom use the collar though.

Infanta Power and Throne (altered)
This awesome print is why I bought the dress so the messed up top is OK.

Surface Spell Gothic Moonlight Cathedral
I really love underbust and black + blue combo, so I had to get this! 

 Fan + Friend Baroque Pipe Organ
The red is an odd hue so it's hard to coord with another red, but the print and lace are pretty.

 Fan + Friend Stand Collar Dress
Barely fits my shoulders even though it's custom size, but I still love it.

 Bodyline Antique Clock
Love the print, hate the top.

Bodyline (older)
Love the print, but it's a bit high waisted and short so I'll make an underskirt for it.

This is a good in-between, since I don't know whether to count it as an underbust JSK or a high-waisted skirt with suspenders. Anyway, it's hand made and one of my favourites.

Onto skirts. I used the same blouse and petties again, I din't have the time or energy to change them, sorry. Again from indie to hand made, I don't have any brand  skirts at the moment. 

Left are bought, right are hand made.

Surface Spell Judgement Day
Velvet + embroidery = <3

Fan + Friend Pipe Organ (limited time item)
The fabric is almost silver and I love it!

Fan + Friend Machine Birdcage
Perfect for steam lolita

Lady Sloth
Comfy fabric so I often use this in casual or "lolita inspired" looks.

The fabric has a velvet print and is really hard to take a good picture of. 
One of my first skirts and I still use it.

Oh that print and perfect length <3

I'll sew a pretty lace to the hem once I find the perfect one since this is a bit short, but I love all the details. This has good bones as well.

TaoBao (don't remember the brand sorry)
Mostly for steam lolita and casual or "lolita inspired" looks. 
Good bones that I couldn't tighten on the mannequin.

Rest are hand made. I love longer skirts (~60cm) so I make a lot of them myself, and I usually let the print be the main focus. I want to make more detailed skirts in the future as well, but they'll probably be from printed fabric as well - maybe just not as loud print as these are. 

Second skirt I ever made, though I don't wear it anymore since it's before the "don't show knees" era of my lolita life (53cm). I still keep it though and think about lengthening it but never do it.

I really love the cut and fabric on this one. Waist ruffles look a bit odd on the manequin as it doesn't zip up completely on it.

"I want classic so floral but maybe keep gothic colour pallet"
Needs a more A-line petticoat.

Thick fabric for winter, I made a tutorial with this.

Super wrinkly, gray classic attempt

Lined simple skirt, I also made a tutorial with this.

This is mid-calf length, it has a lace curtain over purple fabric. The lace has trees and owls ^^

Old school attempt, I'll try to dye it darker red at some point when I get to it...

Wrinkly stripe skirt, I wanted a simple black and white skirt

I loved this fabric but then ended up only wearing this with casual lolita.

As for blouses, I have a hard time finding ones that fit. My shoulders are 39cm wide and many brand / indie brand blouses are 35-37cm and make too short sleeves for my taste, so I buy most of my blouses either custom sized or locally (usually second hand / vintage places) where I can try them on. Many of these are way too big on the waist since I have a short back and a narrowish waist of 66cm, so some I'll take in but some I'll leave as I'll only use them under JSKs. *sigh* odd bodytype doesn't help in this fashion....

I had more than I thought I did...

The sleeves are too short but I use the jabot with other shirts.

Fan + Friend
Ccustom size, the sleeves are suuuuper wide xD

Surface Spell
 I adore this one <3 The color, style, jabot, everything. 

Second hand, gorgeous, don't know where it's from 

My most used blouse, ebay


Short but stretchy sleeves, ebay

Offbrand, love the collar and sleeves

Offbrand, more beige than ivory. Love the sleeves

Offbrand, offwhite

Offbrand, this is indeed my favourite shirt style ^^

Vintage, I'll alter the collar to be a stand up collar. Dark red.

Vintage, good for JSKs.

ebay, for casual or "lolita inspired" outfits

I prefer long sleeve blouses but have some that are half / short sleeves because I really don't take heat well, so I have to use those in the +20/+25C Finnish summer. I would only wear long sleeves if I got to choose but since I don't, I've collected a bit of options. 

Dear Celine
Awesome embroidery <3 The lace had gold in it as well.

Classical Puppets

Gorgeous shade of blue <3

 I never wear this but since it was my first blouse I keep it for nostalgia...

Dear Celine
Rich dark red

Offbrand, "Moitie blue"

Offbrand, for the worst heat only because of the tiny sleeves. 
Super comfy, love the neck lace and buttons.

Offbrand, for the worst heat only - blue version.

Then let's get to vests! I love them and will get more, it's just hard since I'm an odd shape and vests need to fit in order to look good. I want one that's black with green in it.

I love this vest from G.L.P, i had to take it in but the buttons and lace-up back are gorgeous <3

Offbrand, good for steam lolita

Offbrand. Did you notice I like these kind of buttons? ^^'

I modified this to go with Bodylines Antique clock, the top is unflattering that I always wear it with this one. And that's the only dress I wear this cardigan with.

Offbrand, the pearl collar is cute. I just found this yesterday from a thrift store.

Fan + Friend and big mistake. Good quality and really pretty, but this makes my shoulders look even wider. I didn't think this one through.

Here in colder climate jackets and coats are important, especially since I really take badly to cold also. *sigh* Here's my collection against the winter breeze.

 I got this yesterday too for 1,5€, I'm gonna at least change the buttons and maybe add some lace somewhere? Good for summer.

Offbrand, good for steam lolita

This is from the same line as the brown vest. I got both second hand with three years between them.

Red Queen's Black Legion
Gorgeous, so full of details and the shape of the hem is really god for lolita.

And lastly, my DIY winter coat. I made one of my first posts with this coat, ah nostalgia ~

I love bags that are oddly shaped, but I don't like too cute bags (like bows and frills), so it's a bit harder to find them but I had surprisingly many. I din't take photos from each one, but I'll talk about them more in the video.

A girl can never have too many shoes ~ I'm not really supposed to wear heels since I have Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS - basically my joints move way too much, so if I fall I won't sprain my ankle, I'll break it) but I've learned to walk with them and stay away from thin heels and favour thicker ones that are more stable to walk with. :) 

All of my lolita shoes ~

My first two pairs. The left AnTaiNa pair didn't get much use as they were too sweet for me. The Demonia pair on the other hand did, since I started with punk lolita. I haven't used them in a while though.

Comfy flats (I have lots of other ballerinas but I've put them away since there's snow outside). The ones on the back are some first high heels I bought, and I only wear hem if I want to tone the outfit down (casual lolita).

Almost forgot these. Super comfy vintage shoes.

More flashy high heels, the black ones are half  a size too big so I use insoles with them.


Did I mention I like ankle boots?

Winter boots, all are warmer than my other ones.

And then some accessories. I'm really interested to know what kind of accessories other lolitas use but this is the part most skip, but here are mine ^^ I keep head accessories in my hats so they're easier to manage.

Flowers, berets, minihats, headbands and bows, random.

Brown and blue hats are vintage, the flowers are detachable. Black hat and plain berets are from ebay, embroidery one is from Fan + Friend.

Purple and blue are from random places, black is CiCiWorks, the first two are DIY.

The smaller rose-lace thing is hand made, rest are from taobao, local stores or came free with stuff.

Rose headband is CiCiWorks, wrist cuffs hand made and the red rose thing a gift from a friend.

As for jewelry (I know, there's still some photos left, I warned you this would be a long one), I keep it  in containers meant for screws and bolts :D That way they're easy to manage, and they take a lot less space than pretty jewelry boxes (of which I would need quite a few).

Red ones are necklaces and wristlets, blue is punk/rock, clear is earrings.


The big ones, steampunk, nerdy stuff.

(Not lolita but I took a photo so here it goes)

Pearls, cameos, basic stuff.

Rings. I have a pile of steel sings from my punk days, but here's plenty of loliable ones as well.

Smaller wrist wear.

Crosses and other gothic stuff.

Cameos, smaller ones.

Random and nerdy stuff.

Bigger wrist things, hair clips, waist belts, fur collar and the big bows that came with dresses that I've never worn.

As for leg wear, I really love OTKs and tights. I have a bunch of black tights with pattern (stripes, roses and so on) but the camera won't pick them up. 

This is where I keep them, and you can see the black blob that I talked about.

Socks, most are over the knee.

Pattern ones, the three on the left have lace / flower patterns that you can't see.

And lastly, my wigs. Silver one is ebay, middle is taobao, light brown is ebay, white I can't remember. I'm starting with cheaper wigs to find out what kind of ones I want - for example I learned that I do NOT like long and curly ones, so I'm glad I only spent ~10€ to find that out. I want more though, and will get more expensive ones when I figure out what I'll wear the most.

Did you actually manage to the end of this? Wow that became longer than I though it would have! Anyway, that's my lolita wardrobe at the beginning of 2015. Let me know if you have any questions or comments :) I'm done writing now, see you next time!