Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Underbust JSK tutorial

One of the first requests that I got was to make JSKs with different tops and bodices. Today I'm finally starting the tutorials, and the first one is an underbust! I got this fabric about seven months ago and decided to make a dress for winter (since it's wool) but kept putting it off, and now it's almost summer already! I'll still get use put of it before the full heat hits and I'll have to put it away to wait for fall again.

It has (optional) boning and shirring. In the video I explain how to make the pattern (and close-ups so you can see the measurements better), but here it is:

I also went to see Mad Max: Fury road, and it was just how I thought it would be! I still think the change of Max was unnecessary (since Mel Gibson is still making movies) and the age difference would have been totally fine, but I still liked it. Minor spoiler, the new Max wasn't even the main character in a way, so it's all good. The blind dude playing the guitar was cool and I like how the War Boys looked. Beautiful ladies, sand everywhere you look and a bunch of weirdly dressed dudes chanting "V8! V8!" So I liked it very much, but the second Max will always be my favourite one <3 I'll also go and see Jurassic World (because I love the series, yes, even the second and third one) and have high hopes for it!

Saturday, 23 May 2015


I have next week off! So much time to do all kinds of things ~ A JSK tutorial for one thing. And I want to read! I've bought so many books but haven't really had time to read all of them (maybe an hour a day, I prefer to read for hours so I get really immersed to the story) so I have catching up to do. I bought the Mazerunner box because I've read the 13th Reality from Dasher as well, and they were awesome. I hope these are too. Maybe I'll take photos and list everything I've got lately but for now I'm too tired ^^'

And lastly, our tickets to Animecon have arrived! ^^ My cosplay (or character inspired outfit, I'm not even trying 100% accuracy) is going along nicely, I ordered the shoes I'll need so they'll be here on time :D I still have to plan my lolita coord, or maybe wear kodona? Luckily there's still time!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hellocon haul and experience

Okay so now more about my personal experience and stuff I got :D First of all I enjoyed myself, there were three of us who went there together and met another local lolita who we've never met before, and hung out with her as well for the whole day. I hope she'll join us on our future meetups as well ^^ 

(PS here is a video where I pretty much say the same things that are in this post)

The light inside was notoriously poor, so here's my outfit of the day. It was windy and we were hungry so it's not the best photo, but the only one I have :D Dress Juliette et Justine, blouse Infanta, head band and wristcuffs hand made, shoes ebay and bag Jawbreaker.

 Bonus photo! I had to brace my hands against my legs to avoid shaky-hands-action as much as possible, and  the chairs didn't move so I put my leg against the rail :D Very glory, such lolita.

As for what I bought, I got two things: a skirt and a necklace. There were lots of things I wanted and some of them I could have actually afforded, but these were the only "must-have" ones so I kept the rest of my money to spent on Lacemarket when I spot my dream dresses :P

The first is a Lady Sloth skirt, I have another one from last year's Hellocon and now I have two. This was 73€ and just long enough so I got it! The print is amazing, I've been looking for this kind of fabric for FOREVER but haven't found one so I just bought the skirt. It fits perfectly and I'm very happy with the decision I made. <3

The smaller thing I got was this necklace: as a gamer I just couldn't say no to it... I was wondering between this and a red one labeled as Demon Blood, but as my dress was blue, I got this one and put it on as it fit the coord. I think it was 7€ or 10€.

Small detour: I got this bolero from a friend (for ~15€) and it's awesome, super soft with looong sleeves. It's from Mystery Garden, an indie brand which is temporarily closed.

And this is what my new things look like when worn. :)

Other than shopping, I had a blast talking to old and new friends and met some fans! I didn't know I actually had those :D The first was this lovely lady at Eat me, Ink me, I was looking through the gorgeous garments and she said hi and that she followed my blog. I was blown away, and didn't knw what to say but it was awesome meeting you! Their prints are beautiful but a bit too short and I said so, and she said that there's gonna be longer ones in the future. I'm very much looking forward to that, I saw some prints that belong in my wardrobe ^^

In total four people came to talk to me and said they follow me, thank you so much! I'll be at Animecon (Kuopio, Finland) both days so if you see me please say hi :D One day I'll be in lolita, the second one in cosplay.

All in all I had a blast, and will probably go again next year (if I have some money to spend). If you want to see more about the event, I have  video in the previous post.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Helsinki Lolita Convention 2015 video

Hello, this is just a quick post to link you the video I filmed at Hellocon. It doesn't include any rambling, just the fashions shows and vendors and stuff like that, because I made it for those who didn't get to go or want to look back to the event. I'll make a video of my purchases and personal experience next week. :)

I didn't film the Angelic Pretty Q&A or the talking panels, because frankly none of us were really interested in those and spent the time eating or shopping, and we left after the last fashion show. We wanted to be sure to catch our bus home (two hour ride) and did some shopping and ate ice cream in down town ^^

Saturday, 9 May 2015

DIY rose head band (bonnet?)

This week's video was uploaded on Wednesday but since I've busy as *bad word* I'm linking it here now. I wanted a black & blue, big head piece for Hellocon (which I did go to today but will talk about later because I'm gonna go sleep now), so I made this! I've always been a bit iffy about bonnets; they looks awesome on others, but I doubt they would flatter my long face. So, I made this rose & lace head band thingy that I made to look a bit like a bonnet :D Compromise, I guess? 

I will upload photos and videos from Hellocon, as well as show what I got, but later!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Style swap!

Me and Medli had been planning a style swap for a while now, and finally got around to execute the plan :D I coorded her an outfit from my closet, and she made me an outfit from her closet (though we had our own shoes). I had a blast! We tried to make outfits that the other may wouldn't have coorded themselves but that we would both still feel comfortable in. 

If she ever sells this IW dress, I want it <3 But I would indeed have coorded it with black and gold from my wardrobe, so the outcome would be quite different :D Which was the point of the swap! I have to say I felt very feminine in the light colors ^^

I wanted to see Mai in gothic, so the CEL dress with the striped blouse were the best way to go. And she looks really pretty ~ ^^


Not so much ~

And plain silly :D This was awesome and we'll do it again sometime. It was nice to try out a more classic coord, and it really helped me to see that I really do want more of it in my own wardrobe. And more I shall get!