Sunday, 28 June 2015


Here's a dark photo of my first ouji outfit ~ We had a mini meet with four people, we didn't take any outfit photos since it was a small thing. But this is a sneak peak to next month's boystyle!

To end in a random note, we talked about Rammstein and I had to listen to them as soon as I got home. Still love it. <3

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Where to buy lolita shoes

It's been a while since I talked about where to buy affordable lolita stuff :3 In this video I mention what kind of shoe styles go for which lolita "categories", and where I've bought my shoes. I tried to include as much information as possible without making the video too long, but it ended up being 27 minutes ^^' I hope you'll get something out of this video!

I'll dedicate next month for kodona / ouji / lolita boystyle! It's something that I've has my eye on for a while and have some things for it already, but I want more. So I'm gonna make more! So tutorials and info about those will come during next month, after that I'll return to lolita. :)

Monday, 22 June 2015


Last week I went hiking with my sister (and her dog). It was wonderful sister-to-sister time, I had a blast! We were a bit unsure of the route (this place has maany different routs to take) and ended up walking a bit shorter lap than intended, but it didn't matter :)

Do you see those awful shoes? I felt every single tree root and rock through the soles. 

After the trip I went shoe shopping with my boyfriend and we got real, waterproof trecking / hiking shoes, and boy do they make a difference. After a short test run they felt good to take for a longer route. (They didn't have my size in black so my shoes are white, probably the first non-pump white shoes I've ever worn. Rest assured though, they won't be white for long...)

It was Midsummer's celebration here in Finland, and usually that mean going away from the city, barbecue and getting drunk. We went hiking instead, even though it rained, we didn't let that stop us! At least there were less bugs around to annoy us :D Hiking both days, that's a fine way to spend Midsummer. I fear the heat will soon hit with full blast, and I'll sorely miss the rain...

Except taller boots! I've heard that mid-calf shoes make awful creaking noises when walking. My rocking horses are nice and quiet, but I would advise aviding taller boots.

PS we were gerbil(?) sitting as well, cute little things ^^

Thursday, 18 June 2015

BTSSB Trick or Treat skirt

Hello! I finally got my Baby skirt! I really love the print and color, and even though it has tiny amounts of pink and mint in it as well, I'm fine with it. Why? Because it has CATS in it! Oh yes :D If you're interested, here's a video.

Upon closer inspection I noticed that the buttons were a tad bit loose, but that's a five minute job to fix. The skirt is 57cm long, and will probably be last Baby item I'll ever get; even though they have some really cool prints that I'd love to have in my wardrobe, the JSK cuts are a bit off for me and they are pretty much always too short. So when I saw this for USD65 (~62€), I bought it instantly; 57cm long skirt from Baby, whaaat? <3

I like grey in lolita but it's a quite rare colour to come by. I've tried looking for a grey blouse but haven't found one, and the white shirt with grey pinstripes I wore about a year ago (here) was a bit too tight when I tried it on ;___; It was perfectly fine back then, and now even though I could  close it and wear it, it was too tight for comfort. I'll soon have to either lose a bit weight to fit in to my old clothes or I'll have to start replacing them with bigger ones... 

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Hello, no video this week... I wanted to make an unboxing video of the Btssb skirt, but it hasn't arrived yet ^^' For some reason I didn't make a plan B and didn't want to just "wing" one, so no video, sorry... But in other news, I got a bunch other stuff! I got my "holiday money" (I don't know if it's an international thing and don't want to google; here you get extra pay for summer holiday and it has a fancy calculating pattern but basically it's half a month's pay + the pay you'd normally get) so what do I spend it on? Aside from saving some of it, I got a dress and a bunch of books, of course! I haven't decided on the dress yet, but I put the money away and stalk Lacemarket pretty much daily, plus I'll buy some blouses and shoes as well to fill my wardrobe. I'll show them once they arrive, I haven't even made all the purchases I'm planning to do. As for books, I snuffed the second hand book stores and ordered some new, here's some of them ~ 

Mistborn trilogy has been recommended to me so many times now that I decided to get it :D I still have no idea what it's about (and I like it that way, zero spoilers or prejudices), but we'll see if I like it as much as I've been told I will. As for Maze runner, I haven't seen the movie (is it even out yet?) but I've read two out of his four 13th reality books, and they're really good! I have a box set of them as well, and will soon finish the remaining two. 

This box is hilarious!! A good friend of mine got one of these books as a gift, and after reading a bit, I needed them all :D The cover art and super wide poster (which is folded next to the box) are so beautiful...

... and did I mention that these are in Shakespearean English? In a play form? Yup. I love it to bits.

New additions from second hand places to series I gather. I haven't read any of the Eragon books because I don't have the first one yet... But I have other things to read before them, so I have time to hunt it down.

Classics. Though in a way these are very different, they both tell a short(ish) story through the eyes of a young child going through unpleasant things. While Coraline is scary, A Monster Calls is one of the very rare books that I actually shed a tear reading. Actually, multiple tears. I cried like a little girl and felt like one, and I an _not_ prone to tears. So damn. Feels.

Random books about ship cats and a neighbourhood granny who kills kids. Light reading ~ I don't exactly know what the Miniaturist is about, the cover looks pretty and has "magical" and "haunting" on it, so maybe it's good? I find both thrash and gems this way, I'll find out which one this is once I get around to read it.

Sci-fi(ish) books, recommended by a co-worker. I'm still trying to branch out more from fantasy to sci-fi.

Japan and ancient Rome. The Gladiators one (with a massive glare, sorry) seems really interesting, I'm about half-way through. My Roman collection keeps expanding.

And to wrap things up, a board game I found at a flea matker / thrift store! It's really old and the price sticker didn't come off so it has a white thingy on it for forever, but this is massive fun to play ^^ Easy to learn, but has tactic elements that you can keep honing. I had a bunch of friends from work over to play board games, and they liked it too. Plus the box art is awesome, that's always a plus.

Next week I'll have lolita content for you, new skirt or not, I promise! ^^

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

DIY hat

This week's video is a small project, where I show how to make a small (pillbox or regular) hat from scrap fabric! I always buy generous amounts of fbric when I make a skirt or dress, so that I won't run out of it if I change the design mid-way or make a mistake. That way I almost always end up with extra, and it's perfect for making matching accessories! ^^

Monday, 1 June 2015

I'll soon own Baby

Hi, random post here. I just purchased my very first Baby the stars shine bright item from Lacemarket! I've been looking at their prints for a long while now with an ever growing status of "me want", but they tend to be just too damn a) short or b) way too high waisted JSKs or c) expensive! But now I found a skirt that is 57cm long (wohoo~) and $65, so I got it. It's Trick or Treat, a print series I've been looking for, but the black is a bit too black and white for me, and the pink is, well, pink. But I found it in grey! So yay! The seller said she'll probably ship this week so I'll post more about it when I get it.

I just wanted to vent ^^'