Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How to lengthen or shorten a skirt

Hello! Another tutorial. A little background: I made this dress over two years ago for punk lolita, so I thought an asymmetrical hem would be "cool". I did use this for a while but haven't worn it in over a year, so I decided to fix the hem. So in this video I show you first how to make a dress (or skirt) shorter, and then I show how to make it longer :D Enjoy!

I've found this to be very handy in lolita since some of lolita dresses can be a bit too long or short on you (depending on your height and preferred hem length) but also in making offbrand or vintage fit in your lolita wardrobe. Just because something isn't lolita when you get it doesn't mean it couldn't be! ^^

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Q&A (video)

In this video I answer to a question tag, as was requested on my 150 subscriber video. I won't write the answer to here as well, but here are the questions:

1. What´s your lolita style?
2. What is your favourite brand?
3. What do you think about lolita trends?
4. Do you wear lolita to school or work?
5. What's your favourite bag to wea with lolita?
6. How do you deal with getting "weird looks" fro people because of the way you look?
7. What do you think about printless clothes?
8. What do you think about clothes with print?
9. Current lolita favourite?
10. What prices do you find reasonable for lolita clothing?
11. How do you afford lolita?
12. Do your friends wear lolita?
13. Favourite coord you wore this year?
14. What do you want to do more in Lolita fashion?
15. New lolita goals for this year? 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Metamorphose Swan Lake OP (video)

Hello! Ah I'm so grateful for my friend ~ She went to Japan, visited Closet Child and brought this piece of awesomeness with her. And now it's mine. <3 Here are some photos, but if you want, you can also check out my video

Without further ado, Swan Lake Princess Sleeve OP by Metamorphose. 

A close-up of the print. I love the gold details, it gives me an excuse to use my gold jewelry that I so seldom have a reason to dig out.

 A new wig from ebay! I'll do a review when I do my next "loliable offbrand" video, but this is a good one.

Accessories. These are from ebay, the gold glass necklace and earrings are souvenirs from Venice. 

Socks and shoes, can you gess from where? Ah yes, ebay ^^' I need to get new stuff from some place else.

I'm really happy with the dress, it fits nicely (I can actually lift my hands without the shoulder seams ripping, god I love shirring) and is just like new even though it's a 2012 dress. I've wanted more beige, ivory and brown for a while now, so this really hits the spot! A nice break from my usual goth / aristocrat dark dresses. 

I want more classic pieces <3

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lined lolita skirt tutorial (video)

Hello! Here is a quick tutorial on how to make an easy, fully shirred skirt with a lining. Linings can be a bit annoying to make (since they double the work you have to do + lining fabric isn't free so it pumps up the cost) but sometimes it's necessary. For example my fabric was so thin and "flowy" that if I made it without lining, the skirt would have hugged every bump of my petticoats and stuck to it. Another reason for lining is see-through fabric, and I don't think I have to explain why.

This takes about 2-4 hours to make, depending on what sides you have to hem and if you have to re-do some seams. It's quite easy, I'd say a 1.5 (one being super fast and easy and five being hard and time-consuming), most of the work is easy if a bit repetitive. For a full tutorial and the pattern, check you my video :)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Long time no rant

Hello! I know I've been lazy about writing here for a while, I've basically only linked my videos here with a sentence or two. I'm going to fix that! And as you can see, I'm dropping Finnish. Most of my readers (at least according to Blogger statistics) are from non-Finnish speaking countries, and it's tiresome to write everything twice. I hope that my Finnish readers will understand my reasoning and most of us understand English quite well.

Anyway, on to the boring stuff. I've mostly bought a massive pile of books, picked up (and dropped) some new games and been sick, gotten better and worked my butt off. Now that I have five (!) days off, I have time to actually get bored or do things that I want to do, not things I have to do. Yay ~ 

Let's start with games, shall we? I've been replaying Ratcher & Clack 2 and 3 with PS2, and those are still some of my favourite games. The first one as well of course, but I've played that one through so many times I'm taking a break from it. I just love the combination of (easy) action, platforming, puzzles, gear / bolt grinding and the priceless humour. Hours of fun. Sadly the ones for PS3 were (in my humble opinion) not nearly as good, and after the first trilogy I've tsopped buiyng them. Instead, I replay the old ones for PS2. <3

Aside from console gaming, we finally got our second gaming PC completed, and what I play the most is Terraria xD Even my laptop could run that so no need for the high-end machine there... But it's surprisingly fun to co-op, especially since our computers are right next to each other so we can spy on both monitors at once. Bosses are way more fun and mining is faster as well. Another fun co-op game is Don't Starve Together, the concept is simple and art beautiful. Both are easy and simple :)

The other genre I've been into lately are otome games. I hardly have to mention that I play these by my lonesome, as the other half is understandably not so keen on these. I played Hatoful Boyfriend, and yes, it's a dating sim where you're the only human and you try to date birds. Yeah. It sounds super retarded but is actually quite good, each arc / route is quite short. After you get all the endings you get a long, super deep and slightly creepy bonus thing, and it's good! Like legit good.

The weirder one is Everlasting Summer, where you magically transport to a Soviet camp and while being super confused either try go get out or accept the situation and try to get comfy with the girls at the camp. I haven't played this one as much yet since some of the events that repeat in almost every route are a bit boring, but if you want to check it out, it's free to play and on Steam. 

What I still want to get into is World of Warcraft. I've been interested in it for years and since my boyfriend is very good at it, we can play together and he can teach me. Path of Exile seems like a better version of Diablo 3 (that I have played through, wich doctor and demon hunter were my favourites). 

I'll rant about books an other time or put them slowly at the ends of my future posts as there is quite a pile. I need new book shelves but we have no room.... We'll see what can be done, since I won't stop buying new ones! I sell some of them but very few so the situation is slowly getting out of hand.

I'll try to be more active here as well and not only on Youtube ^^