Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Beautiful blouse from ebay :)

About six months ago I promised myself that I wouldn't buy a single black blouse because I have so many, but since I've recently gained weight (and though I'm otherwise cool with it), some of the more fitted blouses are now too small ^^' So when I was browsing ebay for anime things and run into this blouse, I impulse bought it! I don't usually buy lolita items from ebay (because quality / replica / you name it), but this had a bunch of detail photos so it didn't seem like a scam, and I'm very much in love with the blouse <3

The fabric is really nice and soft, it's not chiffon but it reminds me of it. It's not see through at all, but because it's light and a bit stretchy it's very good for summer even though it has long sleeves. The blouse is full of well done details, and lace is really pretty. 

I've already machine washed the blouse (because I'm very allergic to chemical and detergents) before trying it on, and the lace looks still very pretty and feels soft. The color is a rich true black, I made the photos a bit more gray to really show the details ~ 

Here's a quick outfit I put together for this week's video, which is a very positive review of the blouse ^^ The wig isn't the best choice for the coord, but I wanted a short one so it wouldn't cover up the collar if the blouse.

It such an awesome feeling when I find a good piece from a bit more random place, like a second hand local place or ebay. The thrill of the hunt ~ x3

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Garden meet, photo heavy!

At long last we had a summer meetup! It's been a long while since I've been to a meetup that's not a get-together at someone's house, I think it was February. We used to have more active meets but we've all been busy lately, but hope to resume monthly meets!

We also have a new face to our meets! We met her at HelLoCon and she lives nearby, so naturally we welcomed her to our silly gatherings :D 

I hope we'll soon have a meetup where all of us "locals" can participate ^^

As I said it's been a while since I've been "out" in lolita, so I wanted to wear something fancy. I wanted to properly wear make-up for the longest of time, but since we were at a botanical garden and I'm allergic to pretty much anything that blooms, I didn't want to hurt my face any more than what the plants would do. So I just wore lipstick and hoped that my glasses would somewhat hide my eyes... I don't usually wear lipstick even though it's the only thing I can use, because I think it kind of needs at least some mascara as a friend to look nicer.

The garden was ever so pretty!

So naturally I took a bunch of photos...

So there's quite a few here. I'm used to having one or two good ones (since I'm still so awkward before a camera and don't know what to do = I don't usually have that many photos of myself), I had a hard time choosing! 

I saw the field of cute little flowers and had the urge to sit in the middle of them. These were not planted for-show flowers, fear not!

I also realized you haven't seen this wig before. I wore it to Animecon, but I haven't uploaded those photos yet :D Lazy? Perhaps. I've sorted out most of the photos and will write about it soon ~ 

What is this? Do I look... cute? 

There was also an indoor greenhouse with a cafe, so we had a bite to eat and wondered on. In the warm and humid rooms it was a bit hard for me to breathe and I had a massive head ache in the evening (even though I took allergy medication), but the cooler rooms were better to roam ^^

Spot the monkey!

I actually like this coord better that I thought I would! So far my tries of non-gothic have turned out quite well, even though I don't know what category this one falls in to :D Dress is AatP, rest is offbrand or hand-made. I really love those green x black shoes, better seen on the shoe photo at the beginning: I want to make more coords around them ^^

And of course the company is what made it fun <3 Medli looks so adorable in her pink Baby dress ^^

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Decorating a jacket

I received a very positive reaction for boystyle themed videos and will continue to do one every now and then, but for now, this is my last ouji video! I decorated a jacket, since jackets are very often used in kodona and ouji. 

I started out with a sale jacket for 5€ or 7€ from KappAhl, and added lace, buttons, decorative ribbon, chain and a brooch. Decorating like this is quite easy but since I had to hand sew everything, it took a while! So I suggest putting a good movie to the background so it won't get too tedious ^^' 

Boring buuu ~ Small details really do make a difference! The lace is a bit hard to see in the pictures, but will look good on person.

Aand a wrinkly close up of the buttons, lace, ribbon and chains. The brooch is detachable and I'll make a gold-black-red emblem one that I showed on the video, but I lack the clip to use to attach it to the jacket, so I'll do it later. You can also see my ... interesting hair on the video. I partly bleached it to get it bright again but I'll allow it to rest for a while before I kill it with purple.

Long time no nail photos! I made these black and gold ones and even though the quickly-snapped photo is a bit poor and blurry, I really like the nails. They're also getting quite long again, I'll soon have to file them down a bit...

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ouji / kodona pants

This week I'll finally show the tutorial for kodona / ouji pants! You can also use this to made bloomers. :3 Here's the pattern with my measurements for reference. Next Wednesday will be ouji themed as well, then I'll return to lolita ^^

I had a blast at Animecon and will post about it soon! ^^

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Decorating a top hat

This week's video was supposed to be a tutorial for pants, but the video was somehow corrupted and I don't have time to re-edit it for now...But it will be here for next week!

I've wanted a really showy, big hat for a while now. When I rearranged my accessories I realized that I had an old top hat that I got for a thing, and decided to decorate it! I rummaged through my collection of lace, flowers, jewelry and all kinds of small tidbits and here is the outcome :3

The chain is a broken necklace, middle dangly thingy is from a broken plastic chandelier, and the two gems are actually earrinds. They were too heavy for me to wear as they would start hurting my ears after just a couple of minutes, so I took the piercing parts off and sew all that to the lace before adding the lace to the hat. Here's a tutorial on how I did the hat ~

I've been wanting to branch out more to boystyles as well (kodona, ouji) so I got this grey wig for it, and the top hat will go really well with boystyle coords. I contemplated adding white, red or blue things to it, but since I don't know what colors I'll want to coord this with, I ended up using these coal(?), not true black roses instead.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Kodona / Ouji / Boystyle

I've been into boystyle for a while now, and decided to dedicate a month worth of videos to it :D Starting with... General info! Sounds boring, I know, but in this video I talk about what's the difference between kodona and ouji, what type of items (pants, blouses, shoes, wigs, hats etc.) to look for, and where to buy them. I also talk a bit about femininity within "boystyle" and pirate looks. Next weeks will have related tutorials (pants, tophat) + one I haven't made yet, so who knows :D