Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Some time ago I found a channel called Lolita Details, but sadly they haven't made a new video in almost a year. So I thought that "Hey, I have brand too, maybe I could do that?" and so I did :D I didn't want to steal their name and views, so I'm calling these close-ups. First is my Alice and the Pirates dress Teufel von Hameln. I really love how I can dress it up or down, gothic or classic, dark or light: the print has so many colors to work with!

I did learn a lesson from this dress: I don't like such a high waisted cut, nor do I like front lacing: I don't have really bog boobs but they're still a bit bog for this dress, as the front lacing will open a bit... So I usually wear a blouse with tied bow at the collar to cover it up ;) For the video I wore the same coord I had on our garden meet a while ago, because I really like it :D I usually prefer dark colour and gothic coords, but this shows how I can coord this a bit lighter as well. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Anime merch

I realized that I never showed you what I got from Animecon. Though I got just two things. Why? Well, I've always known that the items there have a lot of added cost to them (vendors travelling expense, table cost etc) but only now that I've bought a bunch of anime related stuff from the internet, I've really realized how big the price difference is: something can be 5€ on ebay and 25€ at cons. So with that in mind, I told myself that I could get small souvenirs, but nothing expensive as I could get it a lot cheaper if it's something I really would want.

So, my first purchase was this mug. My reasoning? Mugs can easily break when they have to travel half way across the globe to get to me. This was about 10€, I can't remember anymore. And why DBZ? Because we both love it, it was a good thing to buy for both of us to use. There were lots of cool ones (and I almost bought a Hobbit one too) but I decided on this one.

Second thing was this Kuroshitsuji poster. My reasoning? 'Cos I wanted it :D Now when it comes to Kuro merch, usually they have a lady Ciel, only Sebastian or lovey-dovey blushing Ciel with or without Sebastian. And since I heavily do NOT ship it, I can't stand those posters / you name it, and this kind of cool Ciel pose is rarer and harder to find. Not impossible, but rare enough that I bought it when I saw it. And why it's hanging in front of my window? ... I kinda didn't realize how big it actually was, and I didn't have the wall space for it x( So it hangs there! 

Anyway, I ordered some new animu things and will wait for their arrival and maybe show them at some point ^^'

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cat dress!

I have a cat dress! And it a gothic one! I mean usually even if a cat print has a black or dark colorway, it always has some pink in it (like Aristo Kitty). But not this one :D It's from Honey Honey, I got it second hand from Lacemarket for $120 or 113€. I absolutely love the print, and the dress fits really well and is the perfect length <3 Here's a video

I love the subtle foresty print on the bodice, it gives the fabric a nice looking texture without being simply black, but it's not too overpowering either. Kinda like the diamonds on my Cel dress.

The straps are quite narrow and have tiny lace on them. I really like the quality of the dress, the lacing loop lace (?) had pretty flowers on it. The lacing ribbon is really basic, but I'm thinking about chancing it to a subtle golden one, since the frames on the print look kinda golden.

And the cats! They are absolutely adorable! I love the little hats and how they pose all seriously and have such detail ^^ 

And here the dress is worn (yes those are wool socks, it's cold in here okay). It covers my knees like I  want it to, the bodice isn't too short and I actually used the back lacing to take the dress in a bit instead of stretching the shirring. I really love the dress <3

Now that I have a glass window print and a cat print, I only have to make the chocolate fabric into a dress and I will have my holy trinity of dream prints!

(And maybe someday a book print?)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Battle Beast

Oh yes, I went outside yesterday. Way outside. With people. And I wore make-up. Yes. I went to see Battle Beast! They're really awesome and though I did have a blast, I don't think I'll go to concerts on a regular basis (though I'll go see Mötley Crüe next month). The music was awesome but the amount of people was a bit too much...

 But I did buy a t-shirt :D (I'll show it later) It has the same design as the shirt I bought my Dad a while ago, so now we can match when we do father-daughter things ^^

I really love what the singer Noora can do with her voice. They all captivated the audience well, and she's one gorgeous lady. Front row photos! Plus an autograph on the entry ticket <3

If you haven't heard of them yet, you can find them on Spotify and Youtube ;)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Room tour

This week's video is a room tour! It's my 50th video and I've been doing them for a bit over a year now, whoa time flies. I don't really know what else to say here, watch the video if you're interested ~ Here's my simple coord, the beret has red embroidery but you can't see it ^^'

Also the corner with my dresses and books looks so full! It's a small room... As to why I have "my room" even though I live with my partner and not my parents, there's a rant in the video that I won't spell out here :P

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Meetups and lolitas IRL

Today I'm continuing the Lolita 52 Challenge, this time with meetup and IRL questions! I ramble quite a bit in the video, but here are short answers. I also tested a new lamp my boyfriend got me as a gift! I'm still learning how to use it though.

13, Lolitas I have met in real life.
Well, my lovely local comm ladies! I'm so happy to have met all of you <3
Aside from them, I was really exited when I first met Shadow! I had stalked her blog for so long and have met her a couple times now :D She's still an inspiration for me ~
I saw Maki and Asuka at Hellocon but to be honest, I don't really care about meeting "celebrities", especially since I had no idea who they were as a person. 

14. Lolitas I would love to meet.
Well, being socially awkward I would probably just stand far away and wave and call "Hi" before awkwardly leaving. That being said, I would love to meet:
Miss Lillith, she's such a gothic inspiration for me! And so cute <3
Lovely Lor, she inspired me to do videos. I love her positive and encouraging attitude. ^^
Lost Prince Mar, I adore her ouji and kodona style. She seems like such a fun person!
Deerstalker pictures. I love their videos (both serious and silly) and though I would stand across the room, I would love to see them. ^^

17. My first meetup. It was in March 2013, I don't have any photos for some reason, but here's a link to Saija's post, she hosted the meetup. ^^ It was about two hour drive away, and when I got there, I was late because I got lost! Agh! I'm still embarrassed =.=' I still had a lovely time meeting all the lovely ladies. I wore the second dress I ever made and since it was my early lolita days, I wouldn't have coorded the outfit quite so, but don't be too hard on me ^^' As you can see, it was from a time before my "never show knees EVER" syndrome.

41. Fondest meetup memory.
Our first wine meet <3 We've decided to make it a yearly thing now. I loved how it was such a relaxed meet since we were at a home instead of cafe, and we had yummy wines and foods, good music and lively conversation. It was such a happy and relaxed meet, it's still one of my favourites.

Monday, 5 October 2015

More books

Wohoo books! No? Well it's my blog, so yay, books! I went to Turun Kirjamessut aka a book fair, they have both new and second hand books. I'm used to having a lot of money saved up but since I just bought a dress (I'll talk more about it once it gets here) so I had only 60€. Which is very little to spend on books. :( Oh well, I prioritized the dress. So I took my Mum with me this year so she'd keep me in check, though I did make her buy almost as many books as I did myself ^^' 

On to the actual books! The pile on the left is what I bought at the fair, the one in the middle I got for free at the fair and the pile on the right is what I've bought within a month. I've skipped showing some books I got after my last book post, but I don't remember everything so we'll go with these.

Let's start with non-fiction. Yes, I read these too, remember my books about ancient Rome and Japanese / Korean culture? So here is Wild Swan, a book of three generations of Chinese women. And a book from Gulag survivors. For some reason North Korean camps interest me so I thought I would give this a shot. 

A book about women of the Italian mafia. I've started reading it and it seems really interesting. More about Samurais, I have one in English and it was good. This one has really awesome period illustrations.

Teeny tiny book of AC/DC and a happy helper Oliver. The title is "let there be rock". It was cheap and I've listened to their music as long as I can remember since my Dad was a fan and he passed it on ^^

Onto non-fantasy fiction. I've been meaning to get books by Mo Yan for a while now, so I had to get this one. His style of writing seems really interesting, I'm exited to read it! The one on the right caught my attention with it's cover. The back says it's about circus life in the 1800's so it's no wonder it found it's way to my bookshelf. 

And then fantasy, my main focus :D I've read the Earthsea stories but wanted to own them, so this volume has the first three books. I also love the time travel and altered past in the Stravaganza series; I've read them all and now own three of them. I pitched them to sister as well, and I think she'd love them too. I'll have to remember to bring them to her.

The third book in the Witcher series! I have the first one and my boyfriend read it and said it's good, so I got this one too. I'll have to order the second one too now. And the one on the left was only 1€ = basically free, and it's a horror thing with real vampires (no glitter please, no romance either) so I had to get it.

 I got the scifi magazine for free when I bought this book, it's The Twelve and opens a post-apocalyptic trilogy. They invited me to attend a f/sf club and as a massive fantasy fan who slowly expands to scifi I was tempted, but I don't know anyone there. So socially awkward me probably won't go. :/ I can be social when I have to (work / school) and I've arranged lolita meets on my own, but somehow I find it really hard to go to things like this. Maybe some day.

I always swear I won't buy manga / manhwa, but I was lacking these two final volumes of Les Bijoux so I had to get them. But I won't buy any new manga since I don't have room for them! Plus it seems too expensive to spend 7-13€ on a volume I'll read in 15-20 minutes. I'll borrow it from friends but I'm more into anime than manga nowdays anyway. So somehow that logic makes sense?

My "don't buy manga, you'll get hooked" applies to Western comics as well. I've always been a collector at heart who wants to own things, so these two got a special permission to enter my shelves. Neil Gaiman goes without saying, and I love V for Vendetta so I got that one too.

Though I would prefer to read comics in any language other than Finnish, it just seems odd :/ I prefer to read manga in English as well. Don't know why, but it seems better. I'm weird sometimes.

By the way, we went through the whole fair and all seller (new & old), and I didn't find a single Goblet of Fire! Finnish Potters, yes, and every other English Potter, but not the only one I'm missing! Argh. I want it second hand, because all my Finnish ones I've bought new; I wanted to buy English ones second hand. And now I have six out if seven, but have difficulties finding the last missing one. By the way there's an illustrated version of the first Finnish one coming out, and I'll probably have to buy that one too. Because I collect Potters. *sigh*

I got these two for my libristi studies. The one on the left I've read already and looove it: it's about violence / mass shootings and social exclusion. In the end (spoiler) the son shoots people from atop a building, and it also wonders: the families of victims get therapy and peer support, but the family of the shooter gets none of that and is "selfish and horrible" if they cry out since it was somehow their fault. Which of course it's not. Anyway, it as a very well written book from the perspectives of the whole family through over a decade. I recommend it to my Finnish readers but very few Finnish books get translated.

The one on the right is more light hearted and I haven't read it yet, but I've only heard good of Koch. I'm really loving my studies by the way! ^^

... And now that I bought a bunch of new books, where will I put them?  I don't have space for a new bookshelf either! Luckily the ones in the living room have a bit of space, but I want all my fantasy in this one. We'll see how I manage it.

PS I love having a cat. "I can help!"

"You've read enough. Now feed me." 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Anime feelings

No lolita video this week because I was super busy with work and book things, sorry!

Every now and then I invite friends over and we eat, drink tea and watch anime. Lots of anime. It's a good way to have something new introduced (since everyone makes suggestions what we watch, majority decides) and a good excuse to watch something that we've been putting off. It always fun to have your brain melted with a day of anime and have silly conversations in good company. We had such a night a while ago, and I though that since I haven't written about anime in a while, why not pour my animu pondering here :D

Gangsta. A friend has been telling me to watch this but I've put it off, and when we watched the first two episodes, I was hooked. The violence, darkness, blood and simple coolness of the show made me fall in love instantly. Can I just say how much I love Nicolas? He alone is worth watching. Plus the (Japanese) voice actors make me want to just listen to this on the background as I do other things. I'm now on episode 9 and will definitely keep watching, I like how the story is evolving.

Legend of Korra. Hmm. I loved the original Airbender story a lot and have watched it about five times + listen to the OST all the time. I just loved the characters, developing plot and how the elements and bending were explained. In Korra I don't care about the Avatar, I really dislike the technology (cars wtf), I don't care about the love shenanigans and the main bad guy is really meh for me. I watched the first season but won't watch the rest. Not the worst anime ever, but I have no interest in it. :/

Death Parade is a nice mind fuck series! The first episode got my attention and by the fifth, it had my interest. Again lovely voice acting, I like how the main story is evolving and how small things are revealed one by one. I haven't completely finished it yet but will.

Like every one else, I watched Tokyo Ghoul. Again recommended by a friend and a perfect match, I watched both seasons. I liked the original setting, how it evolved to Kaneki being torn apart by his both sides and toward the second season, descending into madness. Sweet, sweet madness. The gore and grittiness (and the earworm, I wore headphones and my that was creepy <3) spoke to me, I don't know what it is about these shows that I love so much xD

In the vein of wtf did I just watch, how about Parasyte? I can understand why this seems really gross to some people (looking at you Arkada, love your videos) but I again found it interesting and cool :D A bunch of alien parasytes invade Earth, eat people and can transform to them. Yay. The main character has an alien take over his right hand, and as the show progresses, he learns to live with Migi and co-operate with him to battle the other aliens. People die, superpowers develop and character growth happens. The last episode was unnecessary, but other than that, there was pretty much no fillers and I really loved the show. Will watch again someday.

Oremonogatari. I really loved Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and have re-watched it a couple of times now, and when we started watching this, two minutes in I knew this would really hit my humour vein. And it did. Nice, fun and harmless adventures in a slife-of-life kinda show. This is good counter balance for my bloody and gritty stuff :D 

Let's wrap up with something fluffy, shall we? For nostalgia reasons, I had to watch Junjou Romantica. And some earlier episodes, since it has been so long I watched them. And it was what I expected it to be ^^' Again good fluff to watch between having to watch your right hand slice someone's head off or deciding if someone deserves second chance at life based on a short test and botching it badly.  (old photo I know I'm too lazy okay)

Aand that was my anime rant for now, I'll post something more interesting next time :D