Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Nail art tutorials?

So recently I've received a lot comments about my nails on Youtube (questions and compliments), so I made this short video where I ask this question: Would you be interested in nail art tutorials? If so, I can make them, but if not, there's not much point is there :D So comments will decide! If I do decide to make these kind of videos, they will not overtake the lolita content on my Youtube channel: I'll probably upload them about once a month and not on Wednesday. So some weeks there would be two videos..? If I do make these and want to make them more often, I'll dedicate a new channel to them. 

I used to take photos of my nails every time I did them, but for some reason I haven't done that in a while so I don't have photos of some designs I really liked, and that sucks. Now I don't have reference photos to have as a model to recreate them...

Anyway, here are some reference photos of the nail art I've done over the years so you get the idea. :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lolita Level Up Quiz

Hello! I uploaded this video on Wednesday, but here it is! It's a (long) quiz about lolita and the result tells you how far you've come in the fashion, with humour of course. I decided to do it since it was requested in my 150 subscribers video. I haven't had the time to do it, so now that I reached 500+ subs, it was a good time to do it :D Warning, it's half an hour long! There are over a hundred questions, and I linked the quiz in the video. :)

I spent my Thursday and Friday in Helsinki. I'm studying to become "libristi" (there's no translation, but basically it's a fancy title that says I know a lot about books) and go there every two months or so. My fellow students are very pleasant company so Thursday evening fly by at the hotel! Friday evening I visited the museum of modern art Kiasma (and met a coworker! Small world :D) and enjoyed the exhibit. No photos because I didn't bring my camera. But yeah, that's why I was away from my computer so the video was linked here a bit later :D

Monday, 23 March 2015


So, I'm 23 now. I've always thought of age as just a number, and so I continue to think :D Anyway, I had relatives over on Sunday and got some nice gifts from them and from my boyfriend. Mostly movies and books (and a board game Mastermind which is just as awesome as I remembered!) so nothing ground breaking. I did manage to add up to my Helsinki Lolita Convention Dress Fund, so I'll be able to buy something from there ^^

I did buy myself a gift as well, I ordered it on Sunday also so it'll ship out on Tuesday and - hopefully - come here quickly. It's a new dress from Bodyline. When I saw it I instantly knew I had to have it! I got it in grey (obviously) and love the print. Diamonds, stripes, skulls, roses and playing cards on one dress? Yes please! So I spent 42€ from my Dress Fund. I love free shipping ~

It looks a bit short and high waisted, so when it comes I'll try it on and decide whether to keep it as a dress or make it into a skirt. Time will tell... 


I also got this fabric which I plan to make a skirt! I'll make a tutorial as well, this time with pleats and a zipper. So soon you'll see how bad I am at making zippers xD 

And on the topic of zippers... *sigh* Oh my god how much I hate zippers. Especially in lolita. Especially in lined dresses. They ALWAYS jam at the mid seam (since there's so much fabric) and usually I ask my boyfriend to zip them up for me. Well, he wasn't at home on Sunday, and I had massive trouble with the zipper. I battled for twelve minutes trying to get the damn thing all the way up (and no it's not a small dress, it jams even when I zip it empty on a hanger) and expected quests at any minute and my hand was getting sore from the awkward position. Eventually I got it up with a mighty roar of joy. But damn I hate those. I don't mind a visible zipper if it means I can actually zip it up. 

Anyway I'll celebrate with friends later on and will show you the dress once it gets here and do the skirt tutorial when I have time to do it. This week I have to work six days and two of those are in another city so yeah tough week, but I'll try to make a video for Wednesday.

Have a nice week! ^^

Friday, 20 March 2015

Tutorial: easy wristcuffs

Hello ~ I made a video today, and it's a tutorial on how to make easy wristcuffs. They take about five minutes to make and you can decorate them however you want to! ^^ The tutorial is a video.

All you need is good quality lace, elastic, thread and the decoration of your choice.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Hi. There was no video this Wednesday because life kept me busy + I had a day off that I wanted to dedicate completely to being lazy and doing stuff for the house. I have a new awesome keyboard that's cordless so I can use it while playing games by the desk or take it and cordless mouse to the couch and use them with the big TV. Good for watching anime ;) I also finally got speakers (with adjustable bass, you're welcome neighbours); before if I was at the desk I had to use headphones or put it to the TV to get sound. Yay improved lazyness! The desk is getting a bit crowded though, with two sets of everything. I also want a new monitor but I don't have over two hundred euros to spend on it so this will do ~ 

Speaking of computers and games, have you ever played Lego games? They may seem childish but are really well made! We've been playing Lego Hobbit (on PC but we use controllers and put it in the TV) and the co-op and split screen work really well. It has a lot of interesting mechanics that are well executed, all the dwarves (and other characters, of which there are plenty) have different abilities and the world is so full of loot and collectibles that collecting them all would take ages. Plus the first time you play through an area you have only few characters to use according to the plot, so some places you can't reach until you replay it while you have access to all of the characters. It has the voice acting and plot from the movies and it flows really well, and Sir Christopher Lee (aka Saruman) is the narrator for skipping some boring stuff. A really awesome game, especially for co-op.

I also saw Chappie, and it wasn't that bad. I had mixed feelings about it beforehand but I really loved some aspects of it. It was nice and different, and Chappie was both adorable and admirable. I recommend checking it out if you want something new but not perfect. (And by the way the new series The last man on Earth is pretty hilarious)

Lastly as  a bit of lolita, my youtube channel has over 500 subscribers so I'm going to do something special :D Not next week, it will a craft video but maybe after that. Making craft videos has turned out to take a lot longer than I anticipated! It takes time to set the camera and explain things that I normally would just do, plus I have to wait for good lighting conditions. So even though I originally planned that every other video was going to be  craft video, it's more likely that one of every third or fourth will be one. Plus bigger projects take more time. I will still do them because I would do the projects anyway, but it won't be as often as I thought. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Loliable offbrand haul

Because I bought two over 100€ dresses in the beginning of January, I've tried to spend as little as possible. I did buy some cheaper things, so here they are (also on video):

A wig that I actually bought before Christmas but I got it after my last haul so here it is. It's from ebay, and surprisingly good quality! The netting doesn't show through, it's not too shiny and it doesn't tangle. 

A black hat because I didn't have one :D

A brown beret because I need more brown items to coord with. 

Chocolate fabric! I really want a choko print but since they're expensive (and my favourite, Chess Chocolate is 80-something cm long so it's too short for my taste) I decided to make my own ^^ Also comes in a brighter milk chocolate colorway.

A dress that is hand-made by someone else than me. I won't wear it since I realised I don't like short sleeved OPs, but it only cost 17€ so it's not a big loss.

Rest are second hand from local places: a black vest with military-ish details, beige jacket, beige and green cardigans. I'll make a DIY video for the green cardigan once I have all the materials I'll need to do it ^^