Sunday, 15 February 2015

Kitties and Ikea

Hello! I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I went to Ikea with my big sister and bought some small stuff (she got me a frying pan and other stuff for making pancakes, thank you <3) and .... a new book shelf! Is anyone surprised? No? Oh well, I thought so :D It's just a small one since we're out of wall space (106 cm tall and ~40 cm wide). I'll show it once I put it together (read: watch and help my boyfriend as he puts it together) and fill it with books. God knows I have too much on my current ones.

I also had two cats over! A good friend of mine is moving so her cats were at our house for two nights, and it really made me want a cat (or two) of my own. I can't because my boyfriend is a bit allergic. He was mostly out helping a friend fix his car so the allergens weren't too bad, but we can't have a full-time cat. But I had a lovely time with these ladies ~ 

Meet Domino. I had to nail-proof my "leather" chair, so I used a blanket and a snuggie. No clawing marks, so plan was successful :D

Belly rubs! And I kept my hand! Fasu is really gentle, she lets you pick her up and really pet her. I still have cat hair on me for petting her so much. Domino too, of course. 

Watchful eye of Sauron ~ 

And that's the last one so I won't drown you in kitty photos. 

I'll try post stuff like this (maybe a bit more interesting though) as well, not just what video I made and a link to it. I want this blog to be more personal and update to a certain degree what's going on in my life besides lolita. But now that I mentioned lolita, I can say that I almost finished my wardrobe video today (only a few things left), and I'll post a photo version here as well once it's done ^^ 

If you celebrate Valentine's Day I hope you had a good one ~

(Fun fact: here in Finland it's "Friend's day" so we usually spend it with friends or family, not lovers.) 

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