Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Underbust JSK tutorial

One of the first requests that I got was to make JSKs with different tops and bodices. Today I'm finally starting the tutorials, and the first one is an underbust! I got this fabric about seven months ago and decided to make a dress for winter (since it's wool) but kept putting it off, and now it's almost summer already! I'll still get use put of it before the full heat hits and I'll have to put it away to wait for fall again.

It has (optional) boning and shirring. In the video I explain how to make the pattern (and close-ups so you can see the measurements better), but here it is:

I also went to see Mad Max: Fury road, and it was just how I thought it would be! I still think the change of Max was unnecessary (since Mel Gibson is still making movies) and the age difference would have been totally fine, but I still liked it. Minor spoiler, the new Max wasn't even the main character in a way, so it's all good. The blind dude playing the guitar was cool and I like how the War Boys looked. Beautiful ladies, sand everywhere you look and a bunch of weirdly dressed dudes chanting "V8! V8!" So I liked it very much, but the second Max will always be my favourite one <3 I'll also go and see Jurassic World (because I love the series, yes, even the second and third one) and have high hopes for it!

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