Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Decorating a top hat

This week's video was supposed to be a tutorial for pants, but the video was somehow corrupted and I don't have time to re-edit it for now...But it will be here for next week!

I've wanted a really showy, big hat for a while now. When I rearranged my accessories I realized that I had an old top hat that I got for a thing, and decided to decorate it! I rummaged through my collection of lace, flowers, jewelry and all kinds of small tidbits and here is the outcome :3

The chain is a broken necklace, middle dangly thingy is from a broken plastic chandelier, and the two gems are actually earrinds. They were too heavy for me to wear as they would start hurting my ears after just a couple of minutes, so I took the piercing parts off and sew all that to the lace before adding the lace to the hat. Here's a tutorial on how I did the hat ~

I've been wanting to branch out more to boystyles as well (kodona, ouji) so I got this grey wig for it, and the top hat will go really well with boystyle coords. I contemplated adding white, red or blue things to it, but since I don't know what colors I'll want to coord this with, I ended up using these coal(?), not true black roses instead.

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