Thursday, 23 July 2015

Decorating a jacket

I received a very positive reaction for boystyle themed videos and will continue to do one every now and then, but for now, this is my last ouji video! I decorated a jacket, since jackets are very often used in kodona and ouji. 

I started out with a sale jacket for 5€ or 7€ from KappAhl, and added lace, buttons, decorative ribbon, chain and a brooch. Decorating like this is quite easy but since I had to hand sew everything, it took a while! So I suggest putting a good movie to the background so it won't get too tedious ^^' 

Boring buuu ~ Small details really do make a difference! The lace is a bit hard to see in the pictures, but will look good on person.

Aand a wrinkly close up of the buttons, lace, ribbon and chains. The brooch is detachable and I'll make a gold-black-red emblem one that I showed on the video, but I lack the clip to use to attach it to the jacket, so I'll do it later. You can also see my ... interesting hair on the video. I partly bleached it to get it bright again but I'll allow it to rest for a while before I kill it with purple.

Long time no nail photos! I made these black and gold ones and even though the quickly-snapped photo is a bit poor and blurry, I really like the nails. They're also getting quite long again, I'll soon have to file them down a bit...

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