Sunday, 9 August 2015

Family time

Last weekend was family time! On Friday I went out for dinner and dessert with my sister and mum, and after that we went to see Minions :3 The movie was okay-ish, I laughed heartily at some points but for most of the movie I had a "is this it?" vibe. Despicable Me was better, but this was quite fun too. :) We got candy before the movie, here is my big sister ^^ You can also see a bit of my hair, it's a coppery red at the top and black at the bottom.

On Saturday the three of us went to visit a family friends. It's become a yearly visit, though it's quite hard to fit our time tables together; me with the book store random hours, my mum and sister have office jobs and the lady we visited is an entrepreneur with mould detection dogs (which they have many, as well as hunting dogs) so it's a bit of a hassle but we managed to find a day which was good for all of us ^^ Here is a dim photo ~ I got a bunch of wild raspberries to take home with me and made yummy things. 

On our 2,5 hour way there we stopped at a mall called Willa, because it has New Yorker! There will be one close to us soon but for now, we all wanted to stop there to buy awesome clothes :D I saw several leather pants and skirts that I would've wanted, but all of them had only sizes 34 and 42, which are either way too small or way too big ;___; I did get a pretty basic, comfy blue blouse (5€) that I plan to do something with and some hair flowers for lolita. You can find these pretty much anywhere, but usually I've seen them for about five euros per flower, and that's a bit much... Especially since I already have a bunch :D But I can never have too many, and since these were 2€ per two flowers, I got two packs! I have very little of white anything, black is always good and this red one is a darker shade than the small red one I already have.

Aaand guess what else I found? A CAT BLOUSE! xD I don't usually buy "normal" clothes anymore since I have so many, but this was 10€ and I wanted it. Now I can be a crazy cat lady! I plan on wearing it with a vest, tie, punk trousers and a lot of metal jewelry to make it seem even weirder :P


  1. O x O I love your cat blouse!!! Also your shoes lol glad you had a good day :3

    1. The cat blouse was a crazy cat lady must have x3 Thank you ~ ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Kissapaita! Autocorrect perkele!

    2. Kissapaita oli must have, tänään oli taas päällä xP