Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Future videos

Hello again, this week's video is more of a talky video in stead of a tutorial ^^' I talk about what videos I have planned for the future, what kind of fabrics I now at hand and what I plan for them (and ask what to do with others), and take requests :D Here is the outfit I wore for the video, I want to try more steampunk lolita ~ 

As for my future videos, I might as well list them in here as well!

Talky videos: Where to buy affordable nags and accessories, room tour / sewing supplies, how to navigate Lacemarket, lolita and ebay (pros, cons, tips)

Tutorials (in random order): High waisted A-line skirt, skirt with only partial shirring, skirt with suspenders and / or waist ties, JSK's with two different bodice styles, tiered skirt, big and small accessories and how to "lolify" a cardigan and different blouses.

You can also request different tutorials, talky videos or anything what you'd like to see either in here on on Youtube, as a comment or private message :) I plan to make videos for a long time still and have a long list, but will eventually do allof them! ^^

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