Tuesday, 19 January 2016

DIY: 3in1 head accessory

Hello again ~ This week's video is a tutorial for a hair accessory. I was planning my outfits for Hellocon, and when I kinda decided what to wear, I realized that I didn't have any accessories I wanted to go with it. After searching Lacemarket, indie brands and even ebay, I found nothing and decided to make one :D (Last year I was in a similar spot and made the blue rose bonnet-y thingy. ) My inspiration was my one and only Baby skirt (to honour the guests, I'll wear my one and only AatP dress on the second day). 

I'll be wearing the skirt with a black blouse for sure (some other elements are still open) so I wanted to add black to the head piece as well. 

Top view with all pieces

 Detachable rosette thingy with dangly bits identical to the bow

Tiny bow side. This bow will look cool as a brooch as well. :)

Here's a quick photo + text tutorial (since they have been requested), let me know if this is clear or not ^^' I have a video tutorial as well which is more detailed.

For all three projects you will need:
Felt, lace (I have cotton lace for old school vibe), decoration (I picked a big rose), ribbons of different widths in the colors of your choice (I have black and gray grosgrain ribbon), pearls in different sizes and colors, clips for attaching (alligator etc) and a head band.

For the head band we'll be making today, you'll need:
A head band, ribbon, pearls and lace. You'll want the ribbon to be wider than you band and the lace to be wider than the ribbon. The lace will look nicest if it either has straight sides like mine does, or with symmetrical pattern on both sides. 

You'll want to cut two identical lengths of ribbon a bit shorter than your head band (we'll make a tunnel out of these). Then cut a piece of lace that is a tiny bit longer than the ribbons.

I started by folding the ends of my lace to make it look nice and pretty as well as the same width as my ribbon.

Then I sew the lace on top of my ribbons. It looks really messy because I followed the lace patterns so that the stitching is completely invisible from the top. Here you can also see the width difference between my lace and ribbon.

Add pearls!

Jimmy your band through the tunnel, make a couple of securing stitches to the edge and you're done! This was a really simple project, and again, the video is more detailed.

So yeah :D I also made a Facebook page today! It's quite empty for now, I'll add older tutorials there too once I have the time.

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