Monday, 4 January 2016

My Lolita Wardrobe

Another year, another wardrobe post! This here I only made a video instead of taking a photo of every item like last year. Why? Because it took days (I need natural light) and was a ton of effort so I'm being lazy this year ^^ A lot of the items are the same as last year anyway. But here are some photos ~

Dresses I frequently use. 
Three are hand-made, three Bodyline.
Indie brands: Infanta, Honey Honey, CEL and two F+F
Brand: Aatp, IW, Meta, JeJ

Skirts! Ones on the right are hand-made, though the top shelf 
has three knee pants (one Bodyline, one handmade, one offbrand)
On the left are indie & offbrand, I only have one brand skirt (Baby)

I love jackets and vests <3 I prefer full sleeved blouses,though half sleeves are OK. Shorter sleeves are only for heat emergencies.
None of these are brand: I like to spend the money on big pieces + my shoulders would have a hard time fitting them. Plus I long sleeves.

Shoes ~ Again, no brand here. These are the ones I wear the most.

Wigs! All are from ebay or taobao. 
I'll invest in GLW and Lockshop this year.

Shorter ones for boystyle.

Accessories! Well, some of them. 
I have cuffs, gloves and other nick-nacks elsewhere. 

Bags I usually wear with lolita

And finally fabrics! 
Chocolate will be a simple JSK with pleats.
Beige one will probably be an A-line skirt from four vertical panels.
Star one will he a lined half-shirred skirt.
Rose one will be a pleated skirt with a ruffle butt (can't remember the correct name ^^')

All will be tutorials once I get around to doing them :)

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