Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Wearing lolita for the first time!

Tracon happened a while ago, and I was supposed to make a group cosplay with my friends. We didn't have the time for the cosplay, so I suggested that I'd dress them with my lolita things :D And they agreed! Hilarity ensued. 

Like I said in my "What is lolita fashion" video, lolita is NOT  cosplay, but you can still try your friend's clothes on, just like with coctail dresses or other alternative fashions like gothic or punk. ^^ It was really fun to see Tiia, Heidi and Lussu in my dresses and suggest what would look good with other things. So much fun, such a mess to clean up after :'D

We made a quick video where I show all our coordinates and ask their opinion and experience of lolita fashion. It's quite short because it was drizzling outside and I didn't have my tripod with me, but it was still really fun, and I hope you enjoy our silliness! ^^

Since Tiia wanted to wear ouji, I though it would be fun if I wore it too, because then we had two lords and two ladies ~

Behind the scenes!

I'll make a separate post about Tracon later ~

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