Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Ouji lookbook

I wear ouji every now and again, but every Fall I really get into the style. I hadn't made a lookbook for my boystyle yet, but here is the first one!

You may have seen these in my videos or on my instagram, but in the video I have full lists of what brand / where each item is. Mostly offbrand or DIY ^^ I want AatP vests in my collection, but a 95cm bust really limits my options :( I hope I'll find one that fits soon...

In stead of listisg brands I want to talk about what I like and don't like about each outfit. Otherwise I'm just repeating myself from the video and that's no fun.

I love the blouse, but I'm not too happy about the overall coord - especially my turquoise hair is NOT matching the outfit. I was in a hurry and this is what you get :'D Also derp pose.

Black and white outfits like these were the reason I fell in love with ouji. The feel of old school elegance is something I like to re-visit every now and then. Also the vest is one of my favorites, I'll have to decorate it a bit to stand out more.

I really don't know how to smile for photos, do I? Also excuse the blurriness, the timed photos sometimes tourn out like this and you can't really see it from the tiny screen.

I really want to try more white / light color coords, and I love these pants I did a while ago. Though all the white details are lost in this photo ^^' I'll have to change something when taking timed photos. Also maybe learn to photoshop or edit photos.

My outfit to Tracon! I made these corduroy pants and fucking love them. And I wore lots of gray and a top hat, so it was A+. And super comfy. What a fun day and I really like this coord,

Red and black is still my favorite combo no matter what I wear, so narutally this is my favorite look of them all. Boots, bat bag, stripes, baggy pants, jabot, bright lipstick... All things I love. I need to make more black and red ouji looks.

These are mostly early fall looks, but I'll try to make another lookbook for winter frost with warm jackets and show how I look when I'm knee-deep in snow :D

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  1. I like the redxblack the most, also because your pose is really cool and have that Akira-look (if you know her.) I want to see the white pants when we come to your place a few weeks from now :)
    Oh, and I'm not an expert but I am here if you need photoshop/photo editing help! <3