Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Summer heat and lolita

Even though summer is looong gone here in Finland, I filmed this video a while ago and talk about different tips and tricks on how to deal with heat :'D

- Less clothing, more light weight jewelry
- Hoop petticoats keep the heat from your legs (consider light / short bloomers though)
- Go with an OP ot blouse + skirt combo, it's less layers on your torso tan a blouse + JSK combo
- I you want to wear a JSK anyway: a) go with very light materials (like schiffon) and colors b) pair it with a bolero, cardigan or a shawl (less layers and easily removable, unlike a blouse under the dress)
- For blouses, again light fabric, short sleeves or lace sleeves (there are lots of pretty offbrand lace blouses)
- Skip wig if possible and wear your hair up, out of your neck and shoulders
- Opt for lots of light jewelry instead of wristcuffs, chokers and heavy hair accessories
- Big hats protect you from sun stroke (but also mess up your hair)
- Leave cotton OTK's at home, go with lace ankle socks or mesh-type tights, there are a ton of lavey and floral ones in "normal" clothing stores
- Ditch ankle boots and opt for sandal-type shoes. There are also lots of adorable ballerina style shoes in "normal" stores, they have lacey fabric too, which breaths a LOT better than pleather
- If you live somewhere it's really hot for a long time, consider getting parasols and fans. They help a ton, but here summer is really short and I avoid going outside in super hot days, so I save my money for winter items :D

If you're interested in real outfit examples, I recently made a summer lookbook, here's the blogpost and the video.

I'll be making a winter version soon!

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