Thursday, 30 April 2015

IW Blanche JSK

Hello! This week I'm showing you the IW dress as it finally came! It blew my Hellocon budget with the price of $150 = 145€ and it got stuck in customs so I had to pay 24% tax which was 35€, so the total cost was 180€... My most expensive dress so far. But oh so pretty! And it fits well, plus I've been meaning to get more classic items and this totally fits that bill. The name of the dress is Blanche, and this is the long version.

Here's the unboxing and review video!

I've made other endeavors to classic lolita as well, but more of that later :)


  1. Ihana mekko ja sopii sinulle hyvin! koko rahan arvoinen :)

    1. Paljon kiitoksia ^^ On kyllä, näitä pidempiä mekkoja hienolla printillä on aika harvoin edes tässä hintahaarukassa, piti napsaista itelle eikä kyllä kaduta yhtään :D