Monday, 1 June 2015

I'll soon own Baby

Hi, random post here. I just purchased my very first Baby the stars shine bright item from Lacemarket! I've been looking at their prints for a long while now with an ever growing status of "me want", but they tend to be just too damn a) short or b) way too high waisted JSKs or c) expensive! But now I found a skirt that is 57cm long (wohoo~) and $65, so I got it. It's Trick or Treat, a print series I've been looking for, but the black is a bit too black and white for me, and the pink is, well, pink. But I found it in grey! So yay! The seller said she'll probably ship this week so I'll post more about it when I get it.

I just wanted to vent ^^'

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