Monday, 22 June 2015


Last week I went hiking with my sister (and her dog). It was wonderful sister-to-sister time, I had a blast! We were a bit unsure of the route (this place has maany different routs to take) and ended up walking a bit shorter lap than intended, but it didn't matter :)

Do you see those awful shoes? I felt every single tree root and rock through the soles. 

After the trip I went shoe shopping with my boyfriend and we got real, waterproof trecking / hiking shoes, and boy do they make a difference. After a short test run they felt good to take for a longer route. (They didn't have my size in black so my shoes are white, probably the first non-pump white shoes I've ever worn. Rest assured though, they won't be white for long...)

It was Midsummer's celebration here in Finland, and usually that mean going away from the city, barbecue and getting drunk. We went hiking instead, even though it rained, we didn't let that stop us! At least there were less bugs around to annoy us :D Hiking both days, that's a fine way to spend Midsummer. I fear the heat will soon hit with full blast, and I'll sorely miss the rain...

Except taller boots! I've heard that mid-calf shoes make awful creaking noises when walking. My rocking horses are nice and quiet, but I would advise aviding taller boots.

PS we were gerbil(?) sitting as well, cute little things ^^

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