Saturday, 13 June 2015


Hello, no video this week... I wanted to make an unboxing video of the Btssb skirt, but it hasn't arrived yet ^^' For some reason I didn't make a plan B and didn't want to just "wing" one, so no video, sorry... But in other news, I got a bunch other stuff! I got my "holiday money" (I don't know if it's an international thing and don't want to google; here you get extra pay for summer holiday and it has a fancy calculating pattern but basically it's half a month's pay + the pay you'd normally get) so what do I spend it on? Aside from saving some of it, I got a dress and a bunch of books, of course! I haven't decided on the dress yet, but I put the money away and stalk Lacemarket pretty much daily, plus I'll buy some blouses and shoes as well to fill my wardrobe. I'll show them once they arrive, I haven't even made all the purchases I'm planning to do. As for books, I snuffed the second hand book stores and ordered some new, here's some of them ~ 

Mistborn trilogy has been recommended to me so many times now that I decided to get it :D I still have no idea what it's about (and I like it that way, zero spoilers or prejudices), but we'll see if I like it as much as I've been told I will. As for Maze runner, I haven't seen the movie (is it even out yet?) but I've read two out of his four 13th reality books, and they're really good! I have a box set of them as well, and will soon finish the remaining two. 

This box is hilarious!! A good friend of mine got one of these books as a gift, and after reading a bit, I needed them all :D The cover art and super wide poster (which is folded next to the box) are so beautiful...

... and did I mention that these are in Shakespearean English? In a play form? Yup. I love it to bits.

New additions from second hand places to series I gather. I haven't read any of the Eragon books because I don't have the first one yet... But I have other things to read before them, so I have time to hunt it down.

Classics. Though in a way these are very different, they both tell a short(ish) story through the eyes of a young child going through unpleasant things. While Coraline is scary, A Monster Calls is one of the very rare books that I actually shed a tear reading. Actually, multiple tears. I cried like a little girl and felt like one, and I an _not_ prone to tears. So damn. Feels.

Random books about ship cats and a neighbourhood granny who kills kids. Light reading ~ I don't exactly know what the Miniaturist is about, the cover looks pretty and has "magical" and "haunting" on it, so maybe it's good? I find both thrash and gems this way, I'll find out which one this is once I get around to read it.

Sci-fi(ish) books, recommended by a co-worker. I'm still trying to branch out more from fantasy to sci-fi.

Japan and ancient Rome. The Gladiators one (with a massive glare, sorry) seems really interesting, I'm about half-way through. My Roman collection keeps expanding.

And to wrap things up, a board game I found at a flea matker / thrift store! It's really old and the price sticker didn't come off so it has a white thingy on it for forever, but this is massive fun to play ^^ Easy to learn, but has tactic elements that you can keep honing. I had a bunch of friends from work over to play board games, and they liked it too. Plus the box art is awesome, that's always a plus.

Next week I'll have lolita content for you, new skirt or not, I promise! ^^

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