Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bodyline Ouji items

About two weeks ago I made a video about how to order from Bodyline, and here's a review video of the items I bought! Overall I'm happy with what I got :)

The vest / gilet (P272) is awesome. I like the fabric, it's nice and soft and sturdy. The lacing in the back is grosgrain istead of satin ribbon, the bow is detachable and the lace in the collar is not-as-bad-as-I'd-thought. I'm very happy with the purchase and will decorate it a bit. I was planning on taking it in from the waist, but it may be just fine as it is, at least for the time being. Would recommend.

The pants (P105) are OK too. I like how they look in the front, the waist is the perfect size, lace is good cotton lace, buttons are cute... But the straps are not detachable and if you're a tall girl or have a long back, the straps will pull the pants (to be crude) up your ass...  They're okay on me, I'm 164cm (5'4'') and have a quite short back. Otherwise they are a good fit. The quality is okay, so I'd recommend or not recommend based on your body type.

This is my third pair of rocking horses, and I like them (shoes278). The ankle clip feels a bit flimsy so I think I'll just adjust the strap every time so I won't break it, since I don't find it a hassle. I like the quality, it's on par with my other Bodyline shoes. The fat sole didn't have any scratches or dents and the "leather" seems good. And they're comfy, light and my perfect size. Would recommend.

This second pair (shoes289) was a bit of a "why not, it's cheap" purchase, I think I paid around 4€(?) for these. The shoes are really pretty, perfect size and I really like the look! I'll definitely wear these with my non-lolita punk / rock clothes, and maybe I'll work them into a punk-ish kodona coord someday.

PS I as you may know, my natural nails are super long. However I had to cut them, and the last time they were this short was four years ago! (I had to cut them then for Edward Elric cosplay, he couldn't have long nails x3)

I kind of feel like I've amputated the last joint from my fingers... I've had to re-learn how to write with my phone and keyboard, and it just feels plain weird!

Luckily they'll grow back and I know that just as I've learnt to live with long nails, I'll get used to short ones. It still feels odd though ~ o__O

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