Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Jabot tutorial

Hello ~ A while ago it was requested that when I make video tutorials, I would snap progress photos and talk you through some of the steps to make a text based tutorial as well. Here goes the first one! I wanted to make a jabot of this blue lace that was left over from a skirt project. That way I have something blue for my ouji coords + a matching accessory for the skirt! It can be used as a brooch or hair accessory as well, here's a photo with my hand as scale.

Yay, so let's begin! By the way here's a link to the video if you prefer that format :3 

You will need:
- Lace or fabric of your choice, I had 37cm of 11cm wide lace
- Grosgrain ribbon or ribbon of your choice to the top
- Pearls and a button, or whatever you want to decorate it with
- Not in this photo but a clip to attach it to your shirt / hair
- Needle and thread

Fold the ends of the lace in so that the raw edge is hidden behind the finished product. Sew 1cm stitches to the top to gather the lace. Then sew the ribbon on top of the top of the lace, so that the edge is hidden. While sewing, make sure the lace is nice and puffed out to the sides to make it look full. Put a ton of tiny stitches in there until the ribbon looks awful and the lace pretty.

Flip it over and sew the clip to the back of the ribbon. Here you can see a bit of how the ribbon is full of stitches.

Put a thread to the end of the ribbon and make a sturdy knot. Slide pearls to the thread so that you get a nice loop (my pearls are 8mm btw) and then tie the loop to the other end of the ribbon. Now you have what the photo shows, and you'll want to take some ribbon and make a new loop on top of the old one to hide all those stitches. Sew the new loop only from the middle to the old loop to avoid unnecessary stitches. Then sew the decoration of your choice to the middle and voila, the jabot / hair accessory is done!

I'll try to make more of these kind of small projects where you can use your leftover materials :)

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