Sunday, 20 September 2015

Wine meet

We had another meetup, this time we went to Parainen and tasted some wines! Just tasted, not enough to get drunk :D We also said (a temporary) farewell to one of our lovely ladies, as she's going to study abroad. I wish you the best! <3 We already decided to have an old school meet once she gets back :D Can't wait!

Behold our squad! Two photos because we didn't have an actual camera with us and it's easier to just do it like this with a phone :D

I didn't take an outfit photo before I left home because my boyfriend was out and I hate having to hassle with a tripod and timer, so here is a quick photo. The sun had already set so the lighting wasn't the best, but I still kind of like the coord. And to keep it from being too  classic, I wore chandelier print socks. Sometimes it's fun to be pure classic, but I was feeling like I wanted to stay closer to home, gothic. It felt a bit odd to have my real hair (which is red again) since I'm so used to having to wear wigs to cover my blue / purple hair.

Excuse the minimal poof... My kitty Oliver peed on my petticoats so they were still wet from wash :( I was organizing my closet and let him jump in and sniff, and the moment I turned my back, he was peeing on the shelf with all my pettis in it... Oh well, I can wash them. And he's been a very well mannered kitty otherwise so I couldn't be mad with him for long. <3

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