Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Father's Day

At least this time I have a lolita outfit snap xD So it was Father's Day here, and of course I went to see my Dad. I wore a toned down lolita coord since the day was not about me, so I wore my natural hair in an updo instead of a wig, had minimal poof and minimal accessories and no crazy tights or socks :D The ankle socks have pretty lace but of course you can't see it. I wanted to try to coord my kitty dress with blue, and I think it looks OK.

Btw my room looks a WHOLE lot different now, the closets you see here are in the middle of the room now so the window dudes could actually access the window. It's a mess.

I made Dad a raspberry short cake (since he loves raspberries) since I love to bake and every opportunity I get, I make cakes xD The cake looks tiny but that's because the raspberries on top were HUGE. Mmm fresh berries.

I also got him a book (obv) and made a card. I've really started to like making cards and I have hoarded  a big box full of supplies already :P The flip sides are more interesting but had names. One is for my Dad and the other to my partner's Dad - who also got a book. 

I love giving books, but of course if the recipient doesn't like books or doesn't read that much, I wouldn't give one. Mine and his relatives all read a bunch though, and since hard cover books are a bit expensive here + I get to order / hunt down rarer ones, they are appreciated ^^ Yeah book worm families.

As a side note, now that I cut my nails a while back, I've played a ton of games on my PC. Even though my usually really long nails don't cause any problems in my life, PC gaming (with keyboard & mouse, controller is fine) is a bit hard. Typing is fine, but WASD is a bit innaccurate, so I usually favour controllers. But now that they're short, I've played a ton of things on my Steam, mostly I've added hours to Terraria. I created a new world and have put over sixty hours in. They've added so much since the last time I played! I'm saving dating sims and visual novels for when my nails are super long again. And did you follow what happened at Blizzcon? Awesomeness :D Just check the Warcraft trailer. Wow. (no pun intended) 

Anyway, I'll make proper lolita posts and finish my skirt tutorial once things return to normal ~

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