Sunday, 29 November 2015

Xmas cards

Hi. Random post here. I've been really into card crafts, so I naturally had to make Christmas card as well. Last time I made Xmas ones was when I still lived with my parents, and I haven't made them since because I didn't want to buy the base stock (since the first time you have to buy a lot of things, the following years you just need a bit of new things). However I've bought some cat themed and other cute ones + steampunk-y and black & white ones. So since I had some base things, I thought "what the hell, let's do it" and spent about 60€ on it x'D 

Most things I didn't use all of, so next year I don't have to buy anything unless I want some new things. Plus some of the things I bought can be used for other than Xmas things as well. I made around fifty cards, and used most of them. The ones I won't send or give will be saved for next year as samples.

Here are just a couple. I love 3D thingies, and my favourite ones are the white pine cone one, blue one with the snow flakes and bird and the black cards. I love how now cards can be black and not be angsty or funeral. The top left corner eco color one has cool stamps and it looks pretty IRL but looks really boring here ^^' 

That's about it. I have made all cards, they're ready to ship. I've also wrapped all gifts already as well, I only have two items to buy and two things to  make and I'm set! I have to be early because I'll be swamped at work + I love Christmas so I'm hyping myself with preparing everything. Can't wait ~


  1. These cards are so pretty. I like Christmas and lolita, I sew new lolita Christmas outfit for myself every year and enjoy wearing it on the annual Christmas lolita party. The Christmas pieces belong to my favourite garments in wardrobe.

    1. Thank you ^^ I love Christmas too and your white dress looks really elegant <3