Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Raven and the writing desk

Warning: Photo heavy post! :D I this dress it from My Lolita Dress, it's Magic Tea Party's Raven and the Writing Desk in beige colourway. I ordered it with some of the Christmas money I got as a present to myself from myself (?) and it came in three weeks since I chose airmail (more about that in a bit). And I love it!

Here's a video.

Tadaa ~
I fell in love with the color as well as the cut AND as well as the print <3 The bodice is a cut I don't have I thought might look good on my. And it does! I heavily dislike high waited dresses where the "waist" is under my boobs. Waist seam should be at the waist, you know?

The lace is nice cotton lace and ribbons are grosgrain.
The ribbons are a bit different shade of brown than the brown fabric, but I actually like that. MAkes finding matching brown accessories easier when you have more browns to choose from ^^'
(Though I might take the bows off regardless because I like simpler things)

I like the almost-sailor collar and the cut. Also the small print on the base fabric is really nice, it's not just beige. 
The loops for the lacing are really sturdy, made from the beige fabric and securely sewn between the fabric. That's good because the dress doesn't have shirring, so if you need to take the dress in, these loops can take it. Lace loops that brand dresses sometimes have looks pretty, but can break and stretch easily so it's only for decoration. These loops are heavy duty.

Invisible zipper which is a bitch to pull up (even with the dress empty) because there is SO MUCH fabric at the waist seam. Seriously. I don't mind a visible zipper if it means that I can actually zip the damn thing easily and not having to carefully jimmy it and being afraid the dainty thing will break. Brand does this too. Agh. Stop.

The dress is fully lined with a cotton fabric. That + the thick fabric of the dress makes this a nice and warm dress. I like thicker dress fabrics to begin with so this is really nice ^^ Schiffon-like material is perfect for blouses, but I like heavy dresses and skirts for some reason.

Bottom ruffle. The small flowery lace is ok cotton lace, nothing special but it's not bad either. The ruffle is nice and full.

Philosophical questions. 

Ink well and a pen.
Does that really say MPT? As in Magic Party Tea?
Or is it something else?
I'm confused here...

Writing desk!

And the raven. Print name checks out.

Tiny cup ^^

Detachable things I will not put on, I like simpler things.
These will be nice to make matching accessories from though.

I got this brooch thingy for free even though the page says "Chest+headdress +12,99" but it's a bit wonky, so maybe they couldn't sell it so they gave it for free? I don't know, but if I don't end up wearing it, I can re-use the clip, ribbons and the badass crow. So thank you :D

I fell more in love with the silhuette and color and feel  of the dress rather than the print itself, which is really rare for me. Usually the print is the big selling point, and I'm willing to overlook the cut for the sake of the print (like my AatP Teufel von Hameln which is pretty high waisted). This time I love the overall dress and cut, and the print is "quite pretty". It's a new feeling to me, but I absolutely love this dress and I think I will wear it a lot. <3

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