Saturday, 23 April 2016


Some updates again. We're at home here in the new place, though it's not complete yet. Some furniture are missing (glass cabinet for kitchen, shelf for bedroom, some curtains etc) and limited budget + weird taste do not help. Oh well, no hurry. Maybe I'll do a house tour once it's done, but a room tour is certain. 

"New chair for me?"

"Easter cards for me?"

"Star Wars puzzle for me?"

We've been walking a lot mote now that we have nature right at out doorstep, I fucking hated walking next to cars and drunk people (no offence to my city-dwelling friends but it's not for me) so we had to frive to hiking areas to walk, which sounds stupid. But here we just walk out and tada~ nature. Yeah. This is good.

Expensive though. The place is twice the size but luckily not twice expensive but still costs more than the old place. Plus I have to drive to work so that takes a lot more gas money (there's no way I can come reasonably by bus, downside to living in the woods). So less money for lolita and other silly things, but we'll see how little (if any) once the house is done and we see how the budget works and so on. 

I haven't really done anything exiting lately except I went to see Japanomania with my boss (best. job. EVER) and friend, and it was really beautiful. It shows how Western art took influence from Japan, and I would share more photos, but there was only one room where you were allowed to fotograph ^^' 

Here you could try on yukatas!

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  1. Kiva kuulla susta! Ymmärrän ton luontojutun kyllä täysin, oon viime aikoina kaipaillut luontoon, erityisesti niin että kun ikkunan verhot avaa niin näkyis vaan.. metsää ^^... Kaipaan kaupunkia ja metsää!
    En malta oottaa nähdä koko asunto kukoistuksessaan! Miten paljon suurempi kämppä nyt on kyseessä?