Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hardest part of starting lolita

When I was collecting questions for my Q&A, I was asked: What do you think is the hardest part of becoming a lolita? For me, it was pretty easy when I decided to actually do it. However I listed some reasons in my video, both financial and psychological. I rant a bit in the video, but here are some notes about the subject. I decided to dedicate a video for the question in stead of just answering it in the Q&A with a couple of sentences. ^^'

RESPECT the rules for appearance / clothes for your school or job.

- Lolita is not cheap.
- Try to save money from gifts or work
- Save money by sewing items
- Save money by modifying items
- Go for indie brand or second hand items

It's hard to predict how your friends will react
- Try to introduce the fashion and talk about it before wearing it
- If it's a big style change, go easy in the beginning to make the transition smoother 
- Though your friends may be different around you when you wear lolita, remember that good friends don't care about what you look <3

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