Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Q&A (video)

In this video I answer to a question tag, as was requested on my 150 subscriber video. I won't write the answer to here as well, but here are the questions:

1. What´s your lolita style?
2. What is your favourite brand?
3. What do you think about lolita trends?
4. Do you wear lolita to school or work?
5. What's your favourite bag to wea with lolita?
6. How do you deal with getting "weird looks" fro people because of the way you look?
7. What do you think about printless clothes?
8. What do you think about clothes with print?
9. Current lolita favourite?
10. What prices do you find reasonable for lolita clothing?
11. How do you afford lolita?
12. Do your friends wear lolita?
13. Favourite coord you wore this year?
14. What do you want to do more in Lolita fashion?
15. New lolita goals for this year? 

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