Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How to lengthen or shorten a skirt

Hello! Another tutorial. A little background: I made this dress over two years ago for punk lolita, so I thought an asymmetrical hem would be "cool". I did use this for a while but haven't worn it in over a year, so I decided to fix the hem. So in this video I show you first how to make a dress (or skirt) shorter, and then I show how to make it longer :D Enjoy!

I've found this to be very handy in lolita since some of lolita dresses can be a bit too long or short on you (depending on your height and preferred hem length) but also in making offbrand or vintage fit in your lolita wardrobe. Just because something isn't lolita when you get it doesn't mean it couldn't be! ^^

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