Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Metamorphose Swan Lake OP (video)

Hello! Ah I'm so grateful for my friend ~ She went to Japan, visited Closet Child and brought this piece of awesomeness with her. And now it's mine. <3 Here are some photos, but if you want, you can also check out my video

Without further ado, Swan Lake Princess Sleeve OP by Metamorphose. 

A close-up of the print. I love the gold details, it gives me an excuse to use my gold jewelry that I so seldom have a reason to dig out.

 A new wig from ebay! I'll do a review when I do my next "loliable offbrand" video, but this is a good one.

Accessories. These are from ebay, the gold glass necklace and earrings are souvenirs from Venice. 

Socks and shoes, can you gess from where? Ah yes, ebay ^^' I need to get new stuff from some place else.

I'm really happy with the dress, it fits nicely (I can actually lift my hands without the shoulder seams ripping, god I love shirring) and is just like new even though it's a 2012 dress. I've wanted more beige, ivory and brown for a while now, so this really hits the spot! A nice break from my usual goth / aristocrat dark dresses. 

I want more classic pieces <3


  1. Oiiii, se näyttää vielä paremmalta koordattuna! <3 Olet niin elegantti, peruukki on vielä piste iin päälle! ^^

    1. Voi kiitos, tuo peruukki oli kyllä hyvä ostos! ^^

  2. Kaunis mekko! Löytö nuo kengät,sopii täydellisesti! ja oi tuo peruukki on ihana!

    1. Kiitoksia, olen ostellut sopivia asusteita etukäteen tämäntyyliselle mekolle siksi että kun saan mekon, voin asustaa sitä heti ^^'