Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Loliable offbrand haul

Because I bought two over 100€ dresses in the beginning of January, I've tried to spend as little as possible. I did buy some cheaper things, so here they are (also on video):

A wig that I actually bought before Christmas but I got it after my last haul so here it is. It's from ebay, and surprisingly good quality! The netting doesn't show through, it's not too shiny and it doesn't tangle. 

A black hat because I didn't have one :D

A brown beret because I need more brown items to coord with. 

Chocolate fabric! I really want a choko print but since they're expensive (and my favourite, Chess Chocolate is 80-something cm long so it's too short for my taste) I decided to make my own ^^ Also comes in a brighter milk chocolate colorway.

A dress that is hand-made by someone else than me. I won't wear it since I realised I don't like short sleeved OPs, but it only cost 17€ so it's not a big loss.

Rest are second hand from local places: a black vest with military-ish details, beige jacket, beige and green cardigans. I'll make a DIY video for the green cardigan once I have all the materials I'll need to do it ^^

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