Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Nail art tutorials?

So recently I've received a lot comments about my nails on Youtube (questions and compliments), so I made this short video where I ask this question: Would you be interested in nail art tutorials? If so, I can make them, but if not, there's not much point is there :D So comments will decide! If I do decide to make these kind of videos, they will not overtake the lolita content on my Youtube channel: I'll probably upload them about once a month and not on Wednesday. So some weeks there would be two videos..? If I do make these and want to make them more often, I'll dedicate a new channel to them. 

I used to take photos of my nails every time I did them, but for some reason I haven't done that in a while so I don't have photos of some designs I really liked, and that sucks. Now I don't have reference photos to have as a model to recreate them...

Anyway, here are some reference photos of the nail art I've done over the years so you get the idea. :)

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