Thursday, 1 October 2015

Anime feelings

No lolita video this week because I was super busy with work and book things, sorry!

Every now and then I invite friends over and we eat, drink tea and watch anime. Lots of anime. It's a good way to have something new introduced (since everyone makes suggestions what we watch, majority decides) and a good excuse to watch something that we've been putting off. It always fun to have your brain melted with a day of anime and have silly conversations in good company. We had such a night a while ago, and I though that since I haven't written about anime in a while, why not pour my animu pondering here :D

Gangsta. A friend has been telling me to watch this but I've put it off, and when we watched the first two episodes, I was hooked. The violence, darkness, blood and simple coolness of the show made me fall in love instantly. Can I just say how much I love Nicolas? He alone is worth watching. Plus the (Japanese) voice actors make me want to just listen to this on the background as I do other things. I'm now on episode 9 and will definitely keep watching, I like how the story is evolving.

Legend of Korra. Hmm. I loved the original Airbender story a lot and have watched it about five times + listen to the OST all the time. I just loved the characters, developing plot and how the elements and bending were explained. In Korra I don't care about the Avatar, I really dislike the technology (cars wtf), I don't care about the love shenanigans and the main bad guy is really meh for me. I watched the first season but won't watch the rest. Not the worst anime ever, but I have no interest in it. :/

Death Parade is a nice mind fuck series! The first episode got my attention and by the fifth, it had my interest. Again lovely voice acting, I like how the main story is evolving and how small things are revealed one by one. I haven't completely finished it yet but will.

Like every one else, I watched Tokyo Ghoul. Again recommended by a friend and a perfect match, I watched both seasons. I liked the original setting, how it evolved to Kaneki being torn apart by his both sides and toward the second season, descending into madness. Sweet, sweet madness. The gore and grittiness (and the earworm, I wore headphones and my that was creepy <3) spoke to me, I don't know what it is about these shows that I love so much xD

In the vein of wtf did I just watch, how about Parasyte? I can understand why this seems really gross to some people (looking at you Arkada, love your videos) but I again found it interesting and cool :D A bunch of alien parasytes invade Earth, eat people and can transform to them. Yay. The main character has an alien take over his right hand, and as the show progresses, he learns to live with Migi and co-operate with him to battle the other aliens. People die, superpowers develop and character growth happens. The last episode was unnecessary, but other than that, there was pretty much no fillers and I really loved the show. Will watch again someday.

Oremonogatari. I really loved Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and have re-watched it a couple of times now, and when we started watching this, two minutes in I knew this would really hit my humour vein. And it did. Nice, fun and harmless adventures in a slife-of-life kinda show. This is good counter balance for my bloody and gritty stuff :D 

Let's wrap up with something fluffy, shall we? For nostalgia reasons, I had to watch Junjou Romantica. And some earlier episodes, since it has been so long I watched them. And it was what I expected it to be ^^' Again good fluff to watch between having to watch your right hand slice someone's head off or deciding if someone deserves second chance at life based on a short test and botching it badly.  (old photo I know I'm too lazy okay)

Aand that was my anime rant for now, I'll post something more interesting next time :D


  1. Gangsta ja toi alienhörhö näyttävät mielenkiintoiselta, taidanpa lisätä katselulistalleni!

    1. Juu molemmat on tosi hyviä! Yliluonnollista ja väkivaltaa, ne on mun lempparit :D