Monday, 26 October 2015

Anime merch

I realized that I never showed you what I got from Animecon. Though I got just two things. Why? Well, I've always known that the items there have a lot of added cost to them (vendors travelling expense, table cost etc) but only now that I've bought a bunch of anime related stuff from the internet, I've really realized how big the price difference is: something can be 5€ on ebay and 25€ at cons. So with that in mind, I told myself that I could get small souvenirs, but nothing expensive as I could get it a lot cheaper if it's something I really would want.

So, my first purchase was this mug. My reasoning? Mugs can easily break when they have to travel half way across the globe to get to me. This was about 10€, I can't remember anymore. And why DBZ? Because we both love it, it was a good thing to buy for both of us to use. There were lots of cool ones (and I almost bought a Hobbit one too) but I decided on this one.

Second thing was this Kuroshitsuji poster. My reasoning? 'Cos I wanted it :D Now when it comes to Kuro merch, usually they have a lady Ciel, only Sebastian or lovey-dovey blushing Ciel with or without Sebastian. And since I heavily do NOT ship it, I can't stand those posters / you name it, and this kind of cool Ciel pose is rarer and harder to find. Not impossible, but rare enough that I bought it when I saw it. And why it's hanging in front of my window? ... I kinda didn't realize how big it actually was, and I didn't have the wall space for it x( So it hangs there! 

Anyway, I ordered some new animu things and will wait for their arrival and maybe show them at some point ^^'

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