Thursday, 8 October 2015

Meetups and lolitas IRL

Today I'm continuing the Lolita 52 Challenge, this time with meetup and IRL questions! I ramble quite a bit in the video, but here are short answers. I also tested a new lamp my boyfriend got me as a gift! I'm still learning how to use it though.

13, Lolitas I have met in real life.
Well, my lovely local comm ladies! I'm so happy to have met all of you <3
Aside from them, I was really exited when I first met Shadow! I had stalked her blog for so long and have met her a couple times now :D She's still an inspiration for me ~
I saw Maki and Asuka at Hellocon but to be honest, I don't really care about meeting "celebrities", especially since I had no idea who they were as a person. 

14. Lolitas I would love to meet.
Well, being socially awkward I would probably just stand far away and wave and call "Hi" before awkwardly leaving. That being said, I would love to meet:
Miss Lillith, she's such a gothic inspiration for me! And so cute <3
Lovely Lor, she inspired me to do videos. I love her positive and encouraging attitude. ^^
Lost Prince Mar, I adore her ouji and kodona style. She seems like such a fun person!
Deerstalker pictures. I love their videos (both serious and silly) and though I would stand across the room, I would love to see them. ^^

17. My first meetup. It was in March 2013, I don't have any photos for some reason, but here's a link to Saija's post, she hosted the meetup. ^^ It was about two hour drive away, and when I got there, I was late because I got lost! Agh! I'm still embarrassed =.=' I still had a lovely time meeting all the lovely ladies. I wore the second dress I ever made and since it was my early lolita days, I wouldn't have coorded the outfit quite so, but don't be too hard on me ^^' As you can see, it was from a time before my "never show knees EVER" syndrome.

41. Fondest meetup memory.
Our first wine meet <3 We've decided to make it a yearly thing now. I loved how it was such a relaxed meet since we were at a home instead of cafe, and we had yummy wines and foods, good music and lively conversation. It was such a happy and relaxed meet, it's still one of my favourites.


  1. Kiitos ihanista sanoista! Oon ihan häkeltynyt :) oli kyllä todella mukava käydä pyörähtämässä siellä etelässä ja viettää aikaa siun kanssa :) mielelläni tulen kyllä uudestaankin. :)

    1. Järkätään vaikka sit viini-miitti ;D

    2. Haha tervetuloa, viinimiitti kuulostaa kivalta ;D