Sunday, 18 October 2015

Battle Beast

Oh yes, I went outside yesterday. Way outside. With people. And I wore make-up. Yes. I went to see Battle Beast! They're really awesome and though I did have a blast, I don't think I'll go to concerts on a regular basis (though I'll go see Mötley Crüe next month). The music was awesome but the amount of people was a bit too much...

 But I did buy a t-shirt :D (I'll show it later) It has the same design as the shirt I bought my Dad a while ago, so now we can match when we do father-daughter things ^^

I really love what the singer Noora can do with her voice. They all captivated the audience well, and she's one gorgeous lady. Front row photos! Plus an autograph on the entry ticket <3

If you haven't heard of them yet, you can find them on Spotify and Youtube ;)


  1. oi, battle beast <3 Tulisivatpa tännekin päin keikalle, oon kerran Tuskassa nähnyt ja ai että sitä lauluääntä! <3

    1. Oli kyllä mahtava kokemus :D Olisin mielelläni kuunnellut pidempäänkin, mutta he jaksoivat vetää melkein kaksi tuntia täydellä teholla. Toivottavasti tulevat sinne Pohjoiseenkin joskus ^^