Tuesday, 30 August 2016

10 facts about my lolita wardrobe

I haven't done one of the Lolita 52 Challenge questions is a long while! Today's post is about 10 facts about my lolita wardrobe, I'll put them here shortly and open them more in the video. :)

1. My first ever non-hand-made but bought coordinate was all Bodyline and white, and I've sold everything you can see in the photo except the shoes :D

Trip down the memory lane! Spring 2013

2. I've gone more to a classic feel with my new big purchases. I did not plan this, just noticed it a while ago. Accidental classic?

3. My most expensive dress is my Innocent World Blanche JSK, for which I payed 180€. Second hand, and that price includes shipping and tax since I had to pay them ^^'

First time wearing it, still love it <3

4. My first attained dream dress (and still my favourite dress is everything I own) is Juliette et Justine's Cartes du Lapin. It was $180, which I think was about 150€ or even 140€ since Euro was strong.

Couldn't easily find a good worn photo, here's this yellow one~

5. I have one organza petticoat, two tulle ones and two hoop petties.

6. I only have to OP's since my shoulders are s hard to fit in them...

7. I've only ever sold two dresses, two blouses, and one pair of shoes, which means that my "wardrobe turnover" (which is another question in the L52Ch) is quite small. :)

8. I don't have a single brand blouse!

9. I have a JSK with a broken zipper which will be a future tutorial

10. In my future purchases, I want to focus more on ouji. I feel that I have a nice range of dresses and skirt so I'll  try to avoid buying those, and instead get more printed vests <3

Speaking of wanting to wear more ouji, here's the coord of the video! It's a very classic ouji look, black and white gothic, and it's the sort of look that made me fall in love with boystyle. ^^

Excuse the blurryness of the left photo, timed photos don't always have the best focus... Damn

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