Wednesday, 17 August 2016

What is lolita?

A question we get time and time again: what is lolita? I (finally) made a video talking about what lolita is, and also what it is not. Some rules bend but this is a very generalized video, as these tend to be. :) Short point list!

Lolita fashion is:
- A FASHION. Use the wrd when looking for info and items, it'll save you a ton of trouble an K18 links.
- Started in Japan, but has spread across the globe
- Has it's roots in Victorian fashion as well as rococo
- Most iconic is the silhouette: skirts sit at the natural waist and poof out with petticoat(s)
(- A cute oufit without a petticoat isn't lolita)
- All about modesty! Cover you shoulders, cleavage (seriously, you'll never see boobs in lolita), skirts are close to knee-length and you cover your legs with tights or socks

Three main substyles of lolita:
- Gothic, where it all started from. Morose, elegant (almost vampiric) feel, heavy fabrics, dark colours, gothic prints. Petti is usually A-line but a cupcake shape is not uncommon
- Sweet. Cheerful, cute, usually quite OTT (over the top = extravagant) feel, pastel or bright colours, cute prints and lots of lace. Fullest cupcake pettis in the lolita world
- Classic. This is the most mature, elegant and timeless. Subtle prints, muted colors, less accessories. Pettis are usually A-line and skirts can be tea length or mid-calf.
- Looots of substyles: pirate, Alice, military, sailor, punk, shiro, kuro, guro, hime etc etc. I could make an entire post about substyles.
- You don't have to choose just one substyle, mix and match however you want! My wardrobe is mostly gothic but I have been adding classic pieces to it, and some of my dresses are between gothic and classic. Try what looks nice, don't mind the labels. :)

Lolita fashion is not:
- About the fucking book  :'D or the movie. Just no.
- Sexy or a fetish. It is, like we just discussed, the exact opposite: modest.
- Cosplay. There are lolita characters you can cosplay, but it's a cosplay of that character, not the fashion. You can wear lolita to conventions (I have), but it doesn't make lolita any more cosplay than wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a con.
- Maids. Two completely separate things.

Lolita isn't strictly to just girls either! There is a sister fashion (or substyle, categorize how you want) called kodona and ouji. They wear the same blouses and accessories, but in stead of wearing a skirt, you wear pants! The aim is to look princely or cute, a fitting counterpart to lolita. This style is also worn by girls (me included).

Lolita can also be worn by males. The term "brolita" (bro + lolita) is ften used, but I think that everyone wearing lolita is just a lolita, but it does make searhing information and tips easier. Brolitas are very well accepted within lolita fashion, though they sadly face some confusion and maybe even harassment from others. I don't want to touch that too much.

So, all in all, that is a very brief summary :D I have a bunch of beginner videos linked on this video (and as playlists on my channel) so I won't link them all here, you can check them on Youtube if you're interested. ^^

I want to make more text posts again, sorry for the silence! <3

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