Friday, 12 August 2016

Summer lookbook

It's been a while since I've done a proper text post, and I'll talk about that later. For now, here are some outfit shots of my recent coords! I made a video lookbook, but here are quick photos. :)

hair accessory: CiCi works
blouse: Dear Celine
skirt: Bodyline
bag: thrifted
tights: h&m
shoes: thrifted

(aaand this is why I hate taking timed photos; I can't see if it's focused or not in the small screen. Oh well.)
hair accessories: DIY & offbrand
blouse: KappAhl
skirt: Knight's night
bag: H&M
tights: offbrand
shoes: ebay

Dress: Sleipnir JSK <3
blouse: offbrand
tights: offbrand
shoes: DinSko

ft. kitty

It was a super hot day -__-
hat: vintage+ DIY
dress: Chérie Cerise
blouse: Infanta
tights: taobao
shoes: ebay
dress: Meta Swan lake OP
I really loves this dress and ought to wear it more often <3


  1. Tosi nättejä asuja! Tykkää etenkin tosta rennommasta Sleipnir-lookista, toi mekko olisi kiva omistaa :3

    1. Kiitoksia! ^^ Sleipnir on ihana, oon kattellu sitä yli vuoden ja Helloconissa ostin eikä kaduta yhtään <3 Rennommat lookit on kesähelteellä must..