Saturday, 27 August 2016

Unplanned blog silence is over ~

Hi. If you read this blog more often you might have noticed a quieter time. No photos, just a link to the new video with a very short description. I'm here to tell you that I'll be putting more effort to my blog again, and writing more about not-video-related things as well, like I used to do ^^ End of announcement! Rest is pure rant :D

As for why I was quiet? I felt like repeating myself. Same reason why I stopped writing in Finnish... And if you'r new, I started this blog for myself and was (naturally) writing in Finnish. When I got more readers, I started to write in English as well (since no-one speak Finnish outside on Finland and we're just a tiny spec on the map). After a long while, I stopped writing in Finnish though. Why? Because my Finn demographic grew smaller and smaller in comparison, and it just felt like repeating myself.  Write in English, good, now say the exact same thing in Finnish. I just didn't want to.

And lately, after I filmed (and edited) a video, writing the same things down felt like repeating myself again. And because the view / comment ratio here in blogger is very different from Youtube, so it felt like no-one was reading these anyway - even though the analytics say very differently, the lack of comment made this feel it wasn't worth a lot of my time. It wasn't fun, and so I did it with least amount of effort, unfortunately. However I've got a lot of messages (ironically mostly on Youtube and tumblr, not here :'D) that they missed my long posts and silly non-lolita content, and were interested to know when my kinda-hiatus would end. That gave me inspiration to continue writing here, and I've gathered much writing energy during my silence :D 

Thanks for reading, here's a photo of our old (he's a bit over a year old now) cat Oliver and our new kitty, Hermanni!

They both love this tree <3

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