Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sponsored dress from Lolita Wardrobe

Hello! This week's post is a new one (well, I've done unboxings before BUT), it is sponsored! 

(Btw here's the video version if you prefer videos over text)

The owner of, Angela Cheung, sent me a message on Youtube. whether I would be interested in receiving a free dress in exchange for a review. I took a quick look at their site, and agreed! They carry over twenty indie brands from Taobao, and ship worldwide. Sites like these are a heaven sent for a person like me (you've seen me use re-sellers before) because I hate dealing with shopping services. Lolita Wardrobe is easy to use, and I recommend them based on my experience ^^ More on that below, here is the dress!

Magic Tea Party
Cross and Censer (fish bones corset JSK)

The dress is gorgeous <3 Fabric is nice thick cotton (with cotton lining, super warm winter dress) and the print is so pretty! Even the base fabric has intricate designs, and the hem print is really clear and crisp.

The lace is really beautiful and good quality, it's at the hem and neckline.

The bodice also had delicate rose lace at the seams.
So many details <3

The dress is fully lined, here you can see the tags. I chose XL even though I technically fit the L, because I'm a bit paranoid... You may have heard me complaining about gaining a bit of weight (which I'm otherwise cool with, BUT) thus crowing out of my couple non-shirred pieces... So I was worried that this might not fit if I get the large, and since it has a corset, I went ahead and got the bigger one. It's slightly roomy but perfect with the belt, so success!

The dress automatically comes with the corset belt, detachable rose bow and a lace collar. All are good quality, the corset has plastic bones so it's bendy but sturdy (and the fabric itself is pretty thick, so the belt is quite heavy duty). You can actually see me wear the choker / collar in my hair in the first photo :D I just tied at my neck and voilá! Small and cute.

Lolita Wardrobe was kind to also give me this accessory hat from the same line ^^ If you like the print, the dress comes in two colourways (purply pink and this blue) and the Cross and Censer series actually have three different JSK's, an OP and accompanying hat and blouse.

Communication with Angela was really fast (I always got an answer within hours), very friendly and informative. They allowed me choose my own dress freely, and it was really easy since I have lots of Taobao dream dresses <3 I originally chose this Surfcase Spell OP that I've had my eye on for a while, but when they said it takes 45 work days to make (which is clearly stated in the site, I was just too exited to notice) and I chose something else. What can I say, I hate waiting for expensive items...

Then I took a different approach; what if I chose a dress I though looked really pretty but what I might not buy myself? Since this is a rare free dress, I decided to go ham. I had ten candidates and my partner helped me trim them down to three: 

 I e-mailed them with these three links (because I couldn't decide) and tada, I got the Cross and Censer JSK!

The communication was very fast, smooth and friendly, the site is easy to use and they have a lot of into and photos. I will  be buying from them myself (I want more ouji items and I've eyed this Infanta vest for a long time, it shall be mine~) so it's safe to say that I recommend them ^^

Thank you for reading! Now that I have time in my hands, you can expect tutorials in the near future~


  1. Hehe, tästä ei ole kauaakaan kun ihastelin Magic Tea Partyn valikoimia. Niillä on kyllä kaikkea kivaa. Mekkosi on tosi nätti! <3 Varmaan aika siistiä saada tällaisia ilmaiseksi!

    1. Magic Tea Party on yksi mun suosikkimerkeistä <3 Oli kyllä aika otettu olo kun muhun otettiin yhteyttä, etenkin kun on niin monta kuuluisampaa lolitaa :'D